Filming of ‘Montecristo’ Successfully Brought to a Wrap


The filming of ‘Montecristo’ has come to an end. The Secuoya Studios production now enters the post-production phase, raising expectations among audiences who have kept a close eye on developments during the shoot. These three months of hard work will soon see the light, breathing fresh life into the Dumas classic, which has been brough fully up to date and stars a high-flying international cast led by William Levy and Esmeralda Pimentel.

‘Montecristo’: An Intense Shoot that Took Almost Three Months

The filming of the contemporary reinvention of this French classic began mid-June this year, and ended the first week of September. Those who have been following the social networks of the film’s stars, William Levy and Esmeralda Pimentel, have seen the enthusiasm with which both talked about the international project. In Levy’s own words “I had wanted to shoot a movie in Spain for a long time, and the fact that it’s ‘Montecristo’, a story I have loved ever since I was a child, makes it an especially meaningful experience for me”.

This excitement, shared by both stars, the rest of the cast and the film crew, has gone hand in hand with an intense working pace. And there have been some incredible locations, with shoots in both the Canary Islands and Madrid, as the actress confirms on her Instagram.


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"They got no chance", asserts Levy in another post on the social network. And he’s right: neither the hard work, nor the demanding script have been too much for a team that is totally committed to this project, which promises hours of tension, suspense, action and thrills on all levels.

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A Stellar Cast and Film Crew

For the adaptation of this revamped classic, director Alberto Ruiz-Rojo (The Vineyard, El Cid) and creators Lidia Fraga and Jacobo Díaz, have enjoyed the finest tools that a creative team could wish for: an experienced and highly capable international film crew and a first-rate line-up of actors.

The US star William Levy (‘The Scent of Passion’) leads a cast joined by his co-star Esmeralda Pimentel, completed by other big names like Roberto Enríquez, Silvia Abascal, Juan Fernández, Guiomar Puerta, Héctor Noas, Franky Martín, Itziar Atienza, Javier Godino, Alberto Olmo, Ana Álvarez, Roberto San Martín and Andrew Tarbet, among others.

What Can We Expect from the Shoot of ‘Montecristo’?

'Montecristo', currently in post-production phase with its shoot now completed, will be a six-part miniseries. It is a story of justice and revenge, like the original, which revolves around a complex hero: a mysterious and sophisticated man tortured by his past who believes he knows what he wants and how to achieve it.

A Handsome and Mysterious Lead

William Levy embodies an antihero tainted by tragedy. In his attempt to repair a deep and painful wound, he not only fights against his own personal enemies, but also against a web of social classes that seems impossible to overcome.

The arrival of the handsome and mysterious Montecristo in the public sphere of the financial elite is cause for great intrigue and suspicion. Nobody knows anything about either the source of his fortune or his past.

Alejandro Montecristo is the founder and CEO of a hugely successful technological company. He serves as a symbol of modernity compared with the tradition and decadence embodied by his enemies, members of the sordid financial, political and social Spanish elite.

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Fearful Enemies, Victims and Allies

Fernando Mondego, brought to life by Roberto Enríquez, is the main antagonist of this story. Here is an unscrupulous businessman who would do anything to gain favour with and, above all, make money from the man of the moment. But Fernando is not Montecristo’s only enemy. Cristóbal Herrera (Juan Fernández) is a Spanish diplomat who is as ruthless as he is corrupt. By his side is Helena Vilaforte (Itziar Atienza), an equally underhanded and ambitious political candidate.

Then, there is Mercedes Herrera (Silvia Abascal), wife of Fernando, and Alba Mondego (Guiomar Puerta), their rebellious and passionate daughter, both of whom suffer the hidden struggle between the series’ powerful protagonists.

Alejandro Montecristo also has some important allies. Among them are Haydée (Esmeralda Pimentel), development manager of the start-up he founded, and Salvador Faría (Héctor Noas), his friend and mentor.

The filming of 'Montecristo' has come to a successful finish, and its release is coming ever closer. All that’s left now is for ‘Montecristo’, like in Dumas’ classic, to take us all prisoner.

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