‘Flight JK5022. The tragedy of Spanair': the docuseries

#Vuelo JK5022

154 fatalities and 18 survivors. These are the figures of the Spanair accident, the most fatal air crash in Spain in decades. The real consequences of the catastrophe however are not measurable. Secuoya Studios produced 'Flight JK5022. The Spanair tragedy', the docuseries that addresses the tragedy from every angle and highlights the victims testimonies.

‘Flight JK5022. The tragedy of Spanair', a docuseries against oblivion

The accident marked the turning point in air safety, but the victims have yet to receive any compensation. ‘Flight JK5022. The Spanair tragedy' is the docuseries that explores the chain of errors that began before takeoff, culminated during that maneuver and is perpetuated to this day. This documentary aims to give a voice to the survivors of the accident and the families of the victims.

Thanks to their testimonies, we will understand how they felt during the 30 crucial hours that elapsed since the accident took place, up until the airline provided the passenger list. As a result of this delay, the Association of Victims of Flight JK5022 succeeded in getting the European Parliament to pass a law that obliges airlines to provide the list of passengers within two hours in the event of an accident. A regulation that was not approved until 2013 in Spain. For this reason, it is not an exaggeration to say that the Spanair accident marked a turning point in aviation safety, not only nationally, but worldwide.

‘Flight JK5022. The Spanair tragedy' presents the whole picture of the accident. Through the point of view of the victims they tell in their very own words, how each mechanical failure and human error created a domino effect that could have been avoided.

La tragedia de Spanair docuserie

On August 20, 2022, the president of the Association of People Affected by JK5022, Pilar Vera, announced the associations will to continue fighting despite the fatigue and wear and tear. The main objective of this documentary is to help ease the pain of the victims and fight against forgetting what happened.

The wounds are still open, and 'Flight JK5022. The Spanair tragedy' is a docuseries that aims to  heal them. For this, three 50-minute episodes have been filmed. It is done by the careful direction of Alberto Puerta, with a script by Jorge Bartolomé. Executive production by Eduardo Escorial and David Gallart, with Fausto Bastida as production director.

In short, a heartbreaking but necessary documentary series that will help us understand and correct the mistakes that led to the most serious aviation accident in Spain in the last 30 years.

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