José María González-Sinde, director of Secuoya Studios' new international Service division

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The renowned Production Manager ('Game of Thrones') leads the studio's new business line of Spanish-language

Clàudia Ballester-Freixas also joins the new department as Production Manager

Secuoya Studios takes a new step in its strategic plan to encourage new business and complementary lines of growth with the incorporation of José María González-Sinde as director of the integral service department for international productions. The renowned Production Manager, who has a long and consolidated professional career in successful series such as 'Game of Thrones', 'Soulmates' and 'Little Birds', leads the transversal division of the studio that will be in charge of the implementation of the international projects that the studio has in development. Thanks to the strengthening of this new area led by González-Sinde, the company headed by James Costos confirms itself as the best ally in the production and co-production of Spanish-language content for the main platforms, producers, brands, broadcasters and audiovisual investors in Spain, the United States and Latin America. Clàudia Ballester-Freixas, a professional with an extensive experience in films ('Terminator: Dark Destiny', 'Assassin's Creed') and series ('Westworld'), joins the new department as Production Manager.

With this line of activity, Secuoya Studios increases its value proposal in the content industry and focuses on attracting international production shootings in Spain, a traditional location for the shooting of major films and series due to the quality of its professionals, the attractiveness of its geography and climate, and the various tax incentives promoted by the Government. Thanks to these two new incorporations, the content company reinforces an area of vital importance in the strategic plan designed by the studio, which aims to grow significantly in the upcoming years due to the enormous demand of the audiovisual market.

"The Spanish audiovisual industry has the enormous talent of thousands of professionals with a large experience in highly complex shoots, capable of adapting to the constantly changing international production workflow. José María González-Sinde is one of the most outstanding representatives of this professional talent that our country owns and, for this reason, we feel extremely fortunate to have him join the company to lead Secuoya Studios' new line of business. With this incorporation and Clàudia Ballester-Freixas’, the studio is consolidating its position as an ecosystem of production services that will compete on a one-to-one basis with markets around the world", says Raúl Berdonés, president of Secuoya Grupo de Comunicación.

"After a long time working in international filming, a sector in which I had the opportunity to specialize by participating in major productions such as Game of Thrones and James Bond, and during a period of enormous demand in audiovisual fiction, Secuoya Studios is now offering me an even greater challenge: to lead a new division focused on attracting international productions to Spain. An important challenge that is not limited to the mere production service, since we have the backing of all the possibilities that the company can offer, from its facilities to the technical and human material", comments José María González-Sinde. "There are several projects planned for next year, a complex and stimulating challenge that is hard to resist. Our main objective is to offer the widest range of possibilities for foreign productions that has existed in Spain since the closure of the mythical Bronston Studios, where great movies such as 55 days at Peking, King of Kings or El Cid were shot", emphasizes the director of the new international service division.


The quality premium differentials of Secuoya Studios in this line of services will be the transparency of its conditions and advanced controls to guarantee them to international producers; the company's inhouse team of experts in financial and tax rebate structuring, which seeks to optimize costs and revenues for producers; and the synergies throughout the production, post-production and back-office process, thanks to its state-of-the-art technical and technological resources, sets and stages with the highest international market requirements and where majors companies are already working, as well as a new and innovative area of visual effects (VFX), pre-production and virtual production that completes a wide range of services of the utmost quality. Not to mention its financial capacity to offer the best conditions and anticipation of funds, its deep vocation as a studio, which can even manifest itself in contributions as co-producers in specific projects.

Likewise, Secuoya Studios has a privileged position in attracting these productions to Spain thanks to its presence in the United States with its own office in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles), led by James Costos and his team, in which Sara Seligman, with an extensive experience in production at major studios such as Universal, coordinates all business development activities in that country.

The integration of this department of vital importance for the creation of today's series and films, together with other recently created divisions such as those in charge of structuring financing and tax incentives, confirm Secuoya Studios as one of the most competitive partners at a global level thanks to its wide range of value in a constantly evolving market. The experts in production services not only take care of the provision of resources and equipment, but they also go beyond that, their role is fundamental in the achievement of tax incentives and production aid.

José María González-Sinde Reig has developed a large part of his professional curriculum as a Line Producer of international film titles and series of enormous success and relevance such as 'Die Another Day', 'Sahara', 'Game of Thrones' (the most awarded narrative series in history and one of the most watched of all time), 'Soulmates' and 'Little Birds'. He has also participated in outstanding national productions such as ‘Blasco Ibáñez’, directed by Luis García Berlanga, 'Como alas al viento', 'Tormenta', 'Inocentes', 'Un burka por amor', 'La ira', 'El castigo' and ‘Io, Don Giovanni’, international film directed by Carlos Saura.

Clàudia Ballester-Freixas took her first steps in the audiovisual industry in different departments of the audiovisual sector both in nacional ('Los inocentes', 'Tercer grado' and 'Un día perfecto') and international projects (‘Game of Thrones', 'Assassin's Creed' and 'Terminator: Dark Destiny'). Clàudia has developed most of her professional activity in recent years as Transport Manager in international films and series ('Uncharted', 'Little Birds' and 'Westworld', among others) and Production Manager of 'That Dirty Black Bag', a series shot in the desert of Tabernas (Almería).

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