Premiere of 'Montecristo', prior to its debut in Spain

More than thousands of fans enjoyed the preshow organized by Movistar Plus+. An event for followers and a pre-release in which William Levy, a major part of the cast, the director and the producers of Secuoya Studios attended.

On April 18th Movistar Plus+ gathered the crew, cast and a large part of its fans at a massive event held at the legendary Capitol cinema in Madrid. Hundreds of spectators and fans of the cast, featuring William Levy, Esmeralda Pimentel, Roberto Enríquez, Guiomar Puerta and Silvia Abascal, gathered for the premiere of the blockbuster in Spain.

The series sparks a huge media buzz

"I have never experienced the premiere of a series like this," Silvia Abascal said during the presentation. The event brought together hundreds of fans who waited at the entrance of the venue to see each of the actors who starred in the series. In addition to the main characters, also present were Ana Álvarez, Franky Martín, Joe Manjón, Javier Godino, Alberto Olmo, Vladimir Cruz, Julia Reina, Raúl Sanz, Carlos Herranz, Michael John Treanor and the director, Alberto Ruiz Rojo.

The event began with the presentation of the leading artists on stage who welcomed the audience and invited them to enjoy the screening: "The adaptation of the classic is outstanding and will not disappoint you", said Roberto Enríquez.

William Levy, in this his most ambitious project

After the screening, there was a press conference hosted by journalist María Gómez. In William Levy’s speech he spoke about his experience as the protagonist of a literary classic and his enthusiasm to work with the production company: "I am grateful to Secuoya Studios for having me in this project with David Martínez and Raúl Berdonés", said the actor who admitted to be facing his most important and ambitious professional project yet.

William Levy en premiere de ‘Montecristo’

Montecristo' is immersed in the story adapted from the literary classic drama by Alexandre Dumas, 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. Directed by Alberto Ruiz Rojo, this Secuoya Studios super production features creators Lidia Fraga and Jacobo Diaz, as well as David Martinez, Angela Agudo, David Cotarelo and Sergio Pizzolante in executive production. William Levy and his partner Jeff Goldberg are the executive producers.

The miniseries is now available in the United States and Latin America on ViX. It will air in Spain on Movistar Plus+ on April 21st.

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