Secuoya Studios and Mediawan Rights Present ‘Zorro’ at MIPCOM 2022

Director Javier Quintas, Sergio Pizzolante, one of the production’s executive producers, actresses Renata Notni and Dalia Xiuhcoatl and actor Miguel Bernardeau, at the Hotel Le Gray D’Albion and by video, presented the first images of the modernized version of the famous masked hero, currently being shot in Gran Canaria.

Secuoya Studios and the international distributor Mediawan Rights have appeared at MIPCOM to present ‘Zorro’, the studio’s big premium IP in Spanish-language content, currently being shot in Gran Canaria. Sergio Pizzolante, president of Secuoya Studios’ Commercial & Distribution division and co-executive producer of the super production, Javier Quintas, its director, actresses Renata Notni and Dalia Xiuhcoatl, together with Valérie Vleeschhouwer and Charles Touboul, Managing Director and VP Content Manager at Mediawan Rights, respectively, were tasked with offering the first glimpses of this updated version of the famous masked hero at a breakfast attended by around thirty different accredited international media professionals to celebrate the event’s 38th edition in Cannes (France).

Renata Notni y Dalia Xiuhcoatl

Actor Miguel Bernardeau, the star of the series created by Carlos Portela and with David Martínez, David Cotarelo and Ángela Agudo in executive production, wanted to be present in a video in which he could offer his first impressions about the series and his character, modern culture’s first superhero, adapted by Secuoya Studios to today’s generations.

The Hotel Le Gray D’Albion was the setting chosen to host the presentation of this international project, which revamps an essential character in the collective imagination, one loved by countless fans of adventure and superhero stories, and the greatest Latin American hero of all time. ‘Zorro’ is a contemporary epic, whose plotlines, characters, narrative, aesthetics, graphic image and costumes fuse the essence of the legendary hero with a contemporary yearning for diversity, change and freedom.

‘Zorro’ is an adventure comic translated into cinematic language, a ten-part series created for readers and viewers who have seen earlier film and television versions, but also for a new generation of fans.

Presentación "Zorro"

This production is the big global IP developed by Secuoya Studios, created and written by Carlos Portela, directed by Javier Quintas, with Johnny Yebra as DOP, Itzi Sagasti as art director and produced by David Cotarelo, Ángela Agudo and David Martínez. In the series’ executive production are John Gertz, Sergio Pizzolante, Andy Kaplan, Jesús Torres and Glenda Pacanins. 

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