Secuoya Studios' film coproductions now available on different media platforms

Following their theatrical debut, Álamo Producciones' co-productions in collaboration with Secuoya Studios and A Contracorriente Films are getting more buzz among viewers of the main national and international platforms.

'Todos lo hacen', 'Heroes de barrio', 'La piel en llamas' or 'El mejor verano de mi vida' are some of the most played shows on different well-known channels. The great success of the last film led to it being shortlisted in 18 nominations for the Goya Awards. Each of them bearing the seal of Secuoya Studios, in collaboration with Álamo Producciones Audiovisuales and A Contracorriente Films. A partnership that contributes to the success of cinema in Spain through the narration of day-to-day stories, dramas, comedies and mystery plots and are now at your reach on streaming platforms. Here's where to watch them.



Mamá o papá', 'Todos lo hacen', 'Solo una vez' and 'Héroes de barrio'.

Two projects from Secuoya Studios, Álamo Producciones and A Contracorriente Films are at the top of the Lo + visto en España ranking. 'Mamá o papá' (Dani de la Orden) reached second place, only surpassed by the excellent story of 'Succession'. A week after, 'Todos lo hacen' (Martín Cuervo), made it at the top of the ranking in its first week of broadcasting. Also available on the channel are 'Solo una vez' (Guillermo Rios) and 'Héroes de barrio' (Ángeles Reiné).


Hasta que la boda nos separe' and 'El mejor verano de mi vida'.

The American streaming platform has included two Dani de la Orden productions: the hilarious sitcom starring Belén Cuesta, Álex García and Silvia Alonso, 'Hasta que la boda nos separe', and the successful 'El mejor verano de mi vida', one of the highest grossing films of 2018.

The Chilean feature film 'Papá al rescate', starring Benjamín Vicuña and co-produced by Secuoya Studios is also out on Netflix as of May 19 following its run on the big screen.


‘Todos lo hacen’

‘Todos lo hacen’ is a mysterious and funny murder investigation in the lineup of Jeff Bezos' platform. A feature film under the executive production of Eduardo Campoy and written by Marta Sánchez and Irene Niubó.

- La piel en llamas -



'Todos lo hacen', 'Héroes de barrio' and 'La piel en llamas'.

If you are a Filmin subscriber, 'Todos lo hacen' is also available for you to watch. The list also includes the family film 'Héroes de barrio' and 'La piel en llamas' (David Martín-Porras, Guillem Clua), a drama starring Fernando Tejero and Óscar Jaenada.


‘Todos lo hacen’, ‘El Test’, ‘Héroes de barrio’, ‘Mamá o papá’, ‘Super agente Makey’

Rakuten TV is the channel with the most variety of the studio's shows in its lineup. Its list of shows includes 'Mamá o papá', ‘Todos lo hacen’ and 'El mejor verano de tu vida'. The platform's users can also access one of the highest-grossing feature films, three years after its cinema debut: 'Super agente Makey', a movie that made nearly two million euros in 2020.

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