The documentary series 'PornoXploitation' available on RTVE Play

This docuseries, directed by Mabel Lozano and produced by Secuoya Studios' unscripted area will be available to watch for free on RTVE's platform on June 8th.

Nowadays, the stage at which the youth start watching pornography is at an ever younger age. This content is undoubtedly more accessible than it was decades ago and as a result, the dangers and consequences of its usage have increased. 'PornoXplotación', by Mabel Lozano and produced by Secuoya Studios' unscripted area, exposes the alarming experiences that pornography hides: extortion, blackmail and victims of sexual exploitation are consequences of this long-existing, dangerous and increasingly accessible industry. This exceptional documentary will be aired on RTVE Play for free on June 8th.

This docuseries was adapted from the novel of its namesake and written by the winner of the Goya for Best Documentary Short Film 2021 ('Biografía del cadáver de una mujer'). Alongside with the National Police inspector, Pablo J. Conellie (Alrevés Editorial), 'PornoXplotación' uncovers the dangers and risks of the porn industry, with its consequences directly affecting the mental health of its consumers and distressing people's lives.

Real testimonies

The docuseries consists of three episodes exposing the trafficking and exploitation of people involved in pornography. The episodes are based on the real testimonies of different individuals associated to this obscure world: women who have been recruited, tricked and exploited to be filmed, porn actors and addicts who tell their experiences firsthand. An industry that is backed by millions of euros and surrounded by a dark reality.

PornoXplotación' opts for a distinctive storytelling in its genre: the narrative.  Actresses Laura Rozalén and Clara Chaín represent the stories of two porn actresses whose identities cannot be disclosed since it may put their lives at risk. One of them was captured and deceived in Ukraine and the other one was drugged for months to produce content. Two stories in which the documentary tries to bring the viewers closer to the dark reality surrounding pornography. In addition, the production includes the use of animation to illustrate some of the most difficult scenes through an illustrative process by the Mallorcan artist Diego Ingold.

Serie documental ‘PornoXplotación’

Under the executive production of David Gallart, 'PornoXplotación' joins the list of productions of Secuoya Studios' unscripted area, where shows such as '13 Días' -available on Netflix-, 'Voces de una ciudad' and 'Vuelo JK5022: La tragedia de Spanair' are also included. This work by Mabel Lozano was shown at different festivals after it was created, having been screened for the first time at SEMINCI 2022 and at the Almería International Film Festival (FICAL) of the same year. On June 8, all out episodes of the documentary will be available for free on RTVE Play.

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