We make it possible

The core role of Secuoya Studios’ Business Affairs department is the structuring of productions in our Cinema, Fiction and Unscripted divisions and the management of the tax incentives available both for these productions and for projects taken on by International Filming.

Differential value

The key roles of this department are:
Optimization of financing plans for all kinds of audiovisual projects.
Adaptation of the production structure to facilitate the participation of potential co-producers and investors in the IP and its exploitation.
Design of investment operations, forecasting scenarios for exploiting audiovisual works.
Verification of the compatibility of different financing sources: public and private, FOE clients (Mandatory European Financing), national and international.
Creation of structures that provide most benefits from tax incentives generated by our productions inside and outside of Spain.
Tax rebate consultancy for international clients and possibility of attaining incentives in advance to make them available in the production stage.
Assessing business opportunities for Secuoya Studios.