Camp Newton

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Night falls at a children’s summer camp for budding scientists. After a first day filled with excitement and reunions, four friends - who have broken the curfew and are out of their dorms - watch goggle-eyed as a flying saucer falls out of the sky. Far from asking for help or seeking safety, they immediately head off in the direction of the UFO running straight into Hoshi, an extraterrestrial on the run from the International Agency that was holding him captive.


Eva Marciel
Ava Salazar
Julia Sierra
Yanai Cruz
Manuel Baldé
Adrián Checa
Hugo Morenlla
Iratxe Emparán
Andrés Requejo
Mónica Lleó
Ana Caleya
Marta Fuenar
Toni Engonga
Kike Pérez
Mingo Ávila
Marta Zubiría
Production info

Secuoya Studios


Álamo Audiovisual 12 in association with Avi Films with the participation of Disney Channel Spain

Filming location


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Disney Channel Spain

Technical team
Original idea

Jésica Aran

Juan Lombardi

Script coordinator

Nano López Moure


Mayte Castillo

Álvaro Albert

Sara Gómez

José Camacho


Max Lemcke