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Fausto Bastida

Fausto Bastida

Executive Production Manager

Fausto Bastida’s professional career has spanned television, advertising, film and multimedia events. He has worked on a large number of well-known programmes both in fiction and entertainment; series like ‘El Súper’, ‘UPA’, ‘Rabia’, ‘La pecera de Eva’ and ‘Frágiles’ and has been involved in entertainment formats like ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Madrileños por el mundo

Multiple television formats

Bastida has been at Grupo Secuoya and Secuoya Studios since August 2016 as an Executive Production Manager. Among the programmes he has worked on at the company are: ‘Españoles en el Mundo’, ‘Alerta Policía’, documentary series like ‘13 días’, ‘Los secretos de la Roja Campeones del mundo’ and ‘Voces de una ciudad’. With a diploma in Advertising from the Spanish Centre of New Professions, he is one of the most versatile figures in the audiovisual industry, with high-profile projects, formats and creations on his curriculum. His career has led him to work as production manager in different television companies, such as Isla Producciones and Drive Entertainment, before he became Executive Production Manager at Eurostar Media Group.