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Sergio Lizarraga

Sergio Lizarraga

Head of Unscripted R&D and Executive Producer

Sergio Lizarraga is Head of Development for unscripted projects and Executive Producer for programmes at Secuoya Studios. He is specialized in the creation, adaptation, sale and launch of entertainment formats, as well as in the research of audiences, trends and markets. He is also in charge of the purchase of international formats. After more than a decade at Secuoya Content Group, Lizarraga has launched over twenty TV shows in all kinds of genre -magazines, game shows, reality shows, comedies, adventure, emotainment and docusoaps- for Spain’s biggest television broadcasters -TVE’s La 1, Antena 3, LaSexta, La 2, D-Max, Disney Channel, Canal Sur, ETB2 and Telemadrid. He has also participated in the launch of television channels like Ten and La7 in the Region of Murcia. He is in regular contact with Latin America developing content for the Latin America Secuoya network (Colombia, Chile, Peru and Mexico).

Coordination of entertainment spaces

A graduate in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Navarra, Sergio Lizarraga began his professional career at Atresmedia in 2007, with the creation and development of new projects for the channels Neox and Nova. He later took over the coordination of content for the production company Verte, from Atresmedia. In 2010, Lizarraga made the move to Grupo Secuoya, where he began his work as head of R&D for Enminúscula Producciones, and in 2013, he was appointed head of R&D to coordinate the group’s entertainment content. Years later, he went on to head the R&D of Secuoya Studios’ unscripted department, as well as being executive producer for some of the company’s productions (Cuestión de Tiempo (TVE), Jaja Show (Disney Channel), Lo Siguiente (TVE), El Cambio (ETB), RESET con Xuan Lan; among others. He combines this work with teaching at different universities and audiovisual schools across the country.