La Bandera

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A father, two sons and a dinner party. The story takes place during a family dinner, where Tomás calls his two sons, Jesús and Antonio, to give them important news. The patriarch, accompanied by his biographer, Lina, takes his time to tell them what he really wants, but his descendants begin to lose their temper. At one point, one of the sons discovers the presence of a huge flag in the garden, sparking a dispute that seriously jeopardizes the alleged family harmony. The film attempts to portray today's society, where opinions seem to have no nuances, with totally opposing positions with no middle ground.

Production info

Comedy. Drama

Technical team

Martín Cuervo

Executive producer

Eduardo Campoy

Production manager

Mario Pedraza


Guillem Clua


Pablo Bürmann


Juana Martínez

Art manager

Jonathan García

Costume Designer

Saioa Lara