International team

To achieve this we have a key advantage in our international approach and presence, with offices and operations in Spain (Madrid and Granada), Chile (Santiago de Chile), Colombia (Bogota) and the United States (Los Angeles and Miami).

Secuoya Studios also enjoys long-term relationships and strategic agreements with an array of Latin American and North American studios, producers and platforms like PantaYa, Amazon, Telemundo, BTF Media and others.

James Costos

The team at Secuoya Studios is led by James Costos, out of the Los Angeles office, and always in coordination with the Managing Director of Secuoya Studios in Spain (José Manuel González Pacheco).

Another invaluable asset is the role played by the International Distribution team, led by Sergio Pizzolante from Miami, which is responsible for a large part of the IP negotiations, presales and sales of Secuoya Studios productions in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets.

Sergio Pizzolante

The international team is completed with the International Business Development team, led by Sara Seligman out of Los Angeles and focused on North American studios filming in Spain, and with the Colombian and Chilean Content Development teams, led, respectively, by Catalina Ramos Velasquez and Juan Pablo González, with coordination from the Managing Director of Grupo Secuoya in Latin America (Daniel Hernández – Bocanegra).