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José Villaverde

José Villaverde

Finance Controller

José Villaverde joined Grupo Secuoya in 2016 as Finance Controller. Four years after his arrival at the company, in February 2021, he entered Secuoya Studios, overseeing all departments: fiction, entertainment and services. He is responsible for performing budget checks for projects, audits and staff management, both in fiction and entertainment. Villaverde was previously controller of productions like ‘Rabia’, ‘Corto y Cambio’ and ‘Yo en España, tú en América’.

Head of budget monitoring

A graduate in Business Administration and Management from the Complutense University of Madrid, José Villaverde has worked as an administrative officer, sales representative, accountant and controller in a range of different companies. Among them are BBVA, Isla Audiovisual and La Cometa TV, where he gained experience in the audiovisual sector with feature-length films like ‘La princesa Paca’ (RTVE). Among the productions he has worked on with Grupo Secuoya, since his arrival in 2016, are Montecristo’, ‘Alerta Policíaand ‘PornoXplotation’.

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