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This division of Secuoya Studios provides production services in Spain to international productions filming in our country.

José María González-Sinde is at the head of the department, which enjoys business development support from the president of Secuoya Studios, James Costos, and his team in Los Angeles.

Internal resources: the key to our service

Given its autonomy, it can work like any other Production Service company, but better still, thanks to our own internal resources (film sets, warehouses, post-production, visual effects, back-office rooms…), this division is able to offer an integrated service that substantially lowers costs; a unique added value that sets it apart from the competition.

What do we do?

At International Filming we apply an integrated management system to audiovisual production, including services like:

International Filming is a division of Secuoya Studios run by a team of professionals with over 25 years’ experience in the production of film shoots in Spain. Our main mission is to offer a broad range of possibilities, needs and facilities to foreign productions. The Spanish audiovisual sector is currently enjoying a strong period of development thanks to the high-speed evolution of the sector on a global level, which has increased exponentially in recent years thanks to the upturn in the digital consumption of audiovisual content. According to recent studies, the international audiovisual industry will grow by 2.8% globally, but this growth in Spain will reach 3.3%. This is, therefore, a unique opportunity for a sector that will serve as a magnet for investment and economic activity in the short and medium term.

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International Filming can not only advise foreign clients wishing to shoot in our exceptional locations, but also, thanks to our partners and subsidiaries of Secuoya Studios in Latin America and the US, this division is prepared for offering solutions in other countries. Together with the Business Affairs division, our team has the capacity to analyze the eligibility of costs, optimize how expenses are divided by region, establish a production schedule, advise on the availability of the different regional incentives, as well as manage the monetization of the incentive with tax administrations.

We also have our own in-house finance and tax structuring specialists, who help to optimize costs and revenues for producers. And, of course, production, post-production and back-office synergies throughout the process.


The International Filming team is involved in productions of enormous complexity and is capable of forming part of international film crews. This department facilitates access to locations throughout the country and also enables the possibility of synergies with third countries, through our network of alliances and partners, whether in Europe, the U.S. or Latin America. Likewise it has the capacity to meet all the client’s needs (production services, casting, crew, development, legal advice, post-production, visual effects, back office, etc.) to enable them to fully develop their project.


This department is not only able to provide the traditional services, but also has direct access to the film sets of Grupo Secuoya and Madrid Content City, which currently have 12 sets, all of which meet the highest standards of the international market, warehouses and technical storage spaces, cutting-edge facilities, as well as its own team and state-of-the-art post-production and visual effects rooms.

In addition, the international service department is able to offer a complete service to its clients without the need for intermediaries, thereby slashing production costs.

Few companies in Spain have the capacity to carry out integrated productions with internal resources. We have our own locations database, our own facilities and film sets, camera and technical equipment rental companies, and post-production and visual effects rooms. This all means we are not affected by the lack of materials and resources suffered by other companies due to today’s market saturation.


International Filming uses production models, materials and tools that minimize the use of natural resources and the generation of toxic materials, waste and pollutant emissions in its pursuit of a strategy of sustainable and productive management, included in the criteria of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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