Secuoya Studios is Fiction

Secuoya Studios has a Fiction department focused on the production of premium series, primarily for global platforms, using models based on both internal IP and “Originals”.

The production of series while partially or totally retaining IP is one of the hallmarks of Secuoya Studios and is achieved through financing productions with regional licenses (mainly the United States, Latin America and Spain) and distribution windows (streaming, pay-per-view and free-to-air), international distribution agreements, monetizing tax incentives and financial resources.

This model enables Secuoya Studios to retain IP and therefore optimize sales and obtain a greater return in the medium and long term on productions thanks to secondary windows, follow-up seasons, derivative formats (sequels, adaptations, remakes, spin-offs etc.), derivative products (merchandising, editorial publications, music, etc.) and others.


William Levy
Javier Quintas
Pepe Domínguez
Clara Bilbao
Jhonny Yebra
Javier Fernández
Carlos Portela
Henar Álvarez
Jaume Balagueró
Carmen Fernández Villalba
Eligio Montero
Max Lemcke
Teresa Bellón
César Calvillo
Dani Posada
David Muñoz
Borja González Santaolalla
Diana Rojo
Enrique Lojo
Alberto Ruiz Rojo
Lidia Fraga
Jacobo Díaz