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California, the first half of the 19th century. Diego de la Vega, a mestizo who embodies that emerging new world where all cultures and their people coexist, did not choose to be Zorro, the force of nature of the masked hero chose him. The search for truth and justice will be the purposes that will push him to accept the challenge of defending the most oppressed. Throughout the series, we will see how the idol is forged because the protagonist has great aptitudes, but a long way to go and much to learn.

Zorro is an icon of the fight against oppression. His secret identity is his life insurance and that of his loved ones, however, friends and enemies will exchange roles making his defense of the oppressed a path full of obstacles. In addition to his sense of justice and that force of destiny that has made him wear the mask, Diego de la Vega has a personal motive for becoming Zorro: to discover the murderer of his father. Aided by Bernardo, the faithful support of his progenitor, he will stop at nothing to find out who did it, but that will also lead him to uncover secrets about his family that will forever change his destiny.


Miguel Bernardeau

Diego De la Vega / Zorro

Renata Notni


Paco Tous


Emiliano Zurita


Dalia Xiuhcoatl

Nah Lin

Cuauhtli Jiménez

Cuervo Nocturno

Rodolfo Sancho


Joel Bosqued


Chacha Huang


Peter Vives

Janus Carter

Luis Tosar

Alejandro De la Vega

Elia Galera


Cecilia Suárez

Guadalupe Montoro

Andrés Almeida

Tadeo Marquez

Fele Martínez

Don Antonio

Ana Layevska

Irina Ivanova

Technical team
Creator and screenwriter

Carlos Portela


Javier Quintas

Jorge Saavedra

José Luis Alegría

Executive producers

David Martínez (Secuoya Studios)

David Cotarelo (Secuoya Studios)

Ángela Agudo (Secuoya Studios)

Jonh Gertz

Andy Kaplan

Sergio Pizzolante (Secuoya Studios)

Jesús Torres

Glenda Pacanins