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The second season of ‘Supernormal’ opens with Patricia Picón unemployed and 100% dedicated to bringing up her four children. She may seem to have finally found peace, but there is something inside of her that is still simmering. Because after all, let’s not kid ourselves, Patricia Picón is still Patricia Picón, and staying at home just doesn’t quite do it for her. But going back to such a competitive and demanding job as hers is not going to be easy, and less so when the path ahead is full of snakes. That’s why she’s going to fight to get Marisol back, who has also left the bank and is now working in a haberdashery. And although to start with Alfonso fears she’ll be back to her old ways, he’ll soon be helping her get out of more than one tight spot.

Supernormal segunda temporada


Miren Ibarguren
Diego Martín
Gracia Olayo
Alexandra Jiménez
Álex Barahona
Clara Martínez Fernández
Natalia Martínez Fernández
Bárbara Goenaga
Peter Vives

Janus Carter

Usun Yoon
Luna Fulgencio
Nico Rossi
Pablo Moro
Mariona Terés
Marta Fernández-Muro
Lola Casamayor
Joaquín Reyes
María Esteve
Llum Barrera
Juanjo Pardo
Technical team

Vicente Villanueva

Productores ejecutivos:

Domingo Corral, Susana Herreras y Eduardo Campoy


Olatz Arroyo y Marta Sánchez

Directora de Producción:

Maruca Carmona

Director de Fotografía:

Luis Ángel Pérez

Directora de Arte:

Clara Ibarrola


Saioa Lara

Jefa de maquillaje/peluquería:

Clara García Rollán

Jefe de Sonido:

Sergio Corral

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