Desnudos por la vida', Mediaset's new docureality in collaboration with Secuoya Studios

This adaptation of the successful 'Who Bares Wins,' packed with emotion, humor, and social awareness, will be hosted by Jesús Vázquez.

The studio's Unscripted team will soon begin filming this innovative space, in which two groups of celebrities will star in a challenge for the first time in their careers to raise awareness about cancer prevention.

'Desnudos por la vida,' Mediaset's new documentary in collaboration with Secuoya Studios, starts the countdown for the start of the filming phase. This adaptation of the acclaimed international format, where two groups of celebrities will star in an unprecedented challenge in their careers with a charitable objective, will be hosted by Jesús Vázquez, the face of the TV network with a long and renowned television career.

This new program from Secuoya Studios' Unscripted area will challenge the artistic prowess of a male and a female group, who will overcome any shyness or embarrassment to undress in a fun musical show in front of a packed theater. The common goal is to raise awareness among the audience about the importance of breast cancer prevention, particularly in the case of women, and prostate and testicular cancer prevention in men.

Adaptation of an international hit

The format 'Desnudos por la Vida is inspired by the world-renowned 'Who Bares Wins,' an international hit that has already been adapted in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, and the United States. It will soon reach Spanish screens to make viewers feel excited and have a good time.

They awarded the 2019 International Emmy for Best Non-Scripted Entertainment Program, 'Who Bares Wins,' premiered on June 15, 2017, on the British network ITV1 and was based on the Oscar-winning film starring Robert Carlyle, Tom Wilkinson, and Mark Addy. It has the unanimous approval of international critics, who have recognized it with a Royal Television Society Award in 2019 and a BAFTA nomination in 2018.

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