Alfredo Pérez de Albéniz, new unscripted area director of Secuoya Studios

He will have the support of Sergio Lizárraga, deputy director of the division, and Fausto Bastida, as director of Executive Production.

The studio reaffirms its commitment to internal talent and relies on his extensive experience and knowledge of the company’s strategic area.

Alfredo Pérez de Albéniz takes over the direction of the unscripted area of Secuoya Studios. The executive producer, responsible since 2015 for the implementation of the studios most successful factual formats and documentary series, will lead the area in charge of management and development of current affairs, entertainment, docuseries and feature-length documentaries of the Spanish-speaking content for the global market. He will have the support of Sergio Lizárraga, deputy director of the division, and Fausto Bastida as director of Executive Production. Secuoya Studios thus reiterates its firm commitment to internal talent and trusts in his extensive experience and knowledge to implement and contribute to the growth and success of this strategic area of the audiovisual company.

"I am proud that Secuoya Studios' management has placed their beets on me and, consequently, on the whole team, to provide continuity and drive to the area's work project. It is a marvelous challenge to follow the path left by Eduardo Escorial, to take the baton and to be able to move forward in the development of new projects", says Alfredo Pérez de Albéniz.

Alfredo Pérez de Albéniz joined Grupo Secuoya in September 2015 as director of factual and documentaries. The beginning of a long journey in the audiovisual company made him executive producer of the unscripted area of Secuoya Studios, a position he held since February 2021. Journalist, cameraman, scriptwriter, director and expert in entertainment programs and documentaries, Pérez de Albéniz has a deep and broad vision of the needs of production and the management of talent and production crew. He has also been in charge of the studios’ star shows, such as 'Spaniards in the world', '091 Police Alert' or 'The Happy Twenty', as well as his most recent documentary projects such as 'Las Cuatro Estaciones', 'Race In' and 'Isaac and Nora'.

With a degree in Journalism from the University of the Basque Country and with a master's from the Complutense University of Madrid, his experience includes, among other production companies,  EL MUNDO TV, where for more than a decade he had the opportunity to travel the world as an investigative reporter.  In addition, he held the position of executive producer and head of the production company in the Valencian Community.

Albéniz has been the director of a wide variety of programs (live magazines, entertainment programs, debates, current affairs documentaries or events...) and is a professor of the master's degree in Investigative Journalism and Reporting at the Rey Juan Carlos I University of Madrid and collaborates in Master of Executive Production at The Core.

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