Imanol Arias, Aitor Luna, Miguel Fernandez and Ana Fernandez star in 'La Bandera'

Filming begins in Tenerife for the third feature film by Álamo Producciones Audiovisuales directed by Martín Cuervo.

This co-production by Eduardo Campoy and A Contracorriente Films, in collaboration with Secuoya Studios is based on the play by Guillem Clua.

Martín Cuervo and Guillem Clua teams up in their next feature film 'La Bandera'. A dramatic, family comedy with social criticism. The protagonists are two brothers confronting each other over a hypothetical family inheritance. Álamo Producciones Audiovisuales, Secuoya Studios' partner in the development of film projects and A Contracorriente Films begin filming in different locations in Tenerife.

La Bandera' is directed by Martín Cuervo ('Todos lo hacen', 'Con quién viajas') and is the third film by the filmmaker from Madrid together with Eduardo Campoy and Álamo Producciones Audiovisuales. This story is based on the original play by Guillem Clua, 'Al damunt dels nostres cants' (XLIII Premio del Teatro Ciudad de Alcoy), and its cast includes actors Imanol Arias ('Cuéntame cómo pasó'), Aitor Luna ('La catedral del mar'), Miquel Fernández ('Mamá o papá') and Ana Fernández ('Los protegidos', 'Las chicas del cable').

Rodaje "La bandera"


A father, two sons and a meal. The story takes place during a family get-together where Tomás (Imanol Arias) invites over his two sons, Jesús (Miquel Fernández) and Antonio (Aitor Luna) to announce an important news. The patriarch, accompanied by his biographer, Lina (Ana Fernández), takes his time to tell them what he really desires until his children begin to lose their patience. At one point, one of the sons discovers the presence of a huge flag in the garden, sparking a dispute that seriously jeopardizes the apparent family harmony. The film attempts to portray today's society, where opinions seem to have no nuances and totally opposing positions with no middle ground.

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