Flight JK5022. La tragedia de Spanair' leads the trend and draws praise for its production.

Documentary series from Secuoya Studios' Unscripted area draws attention for its "impeccable production" and "meticulous storytelling."


'Flight JK5022. La tragedia de Spanair' has become one of Movistar Plus+'s trending productions in its first week of broadcasting. The Secuoya Studios production, which recounts the reality of what happened in one of the most tragic plane crashes in Spain in the last few decades, is at the top of the list of production favorites by users of Telefónica's platform and has received excellent reviews from the press.

‘Vuelo JK5022. La tragedia de Spanair’ en Movistar +

On August 20, 2008, flight Madrid-Gran Canaria crashed just minutes after takeoff. A total of 154 people died, and 18 passengers were seriously injured. Fifteen years later, victims, specialists, and families still call for justice.

"Its production is impeccable."

A week after its premiere, 'Flight JK5022. La tragedia de Spanair' is among the streaming platform's leading productions. The three episodes of the docuseries from the Unscripted area of Secuoya Studios bring the causes and aftermath of the terrible event and awaken the audience's interest with a positive response to its broadcast.

Flight JK5022. The Spanair tragedy deals with the subject with absolute respect for the victims, and its production is impeccable. Undoubtedly, the specific weight of this work lies in the meticulous and courageous investigation conducted, which had the help and testimonies of the surviving victims, the relatives of the deceased, as well as technicians and specialists who analyzed in detail everything that happened, with particular attention to the summary material and reports of the investigation commission, as well as the use of new technologies to simulate and recreate the accident. The conclusions appear forceful before the eyes of the viewers." - David Jaramillo (La Razón)


Flight JK5022 is the meticulous and well-narrated chronicle of a chain of mistakes that could have been avoided" - Manuel J. Lombardo (Diario de Sevilla)


Narratively, there is little to criticize the documentary. It consists of three episodes: one describing the events of August 20, 15 years ago, with verifiable information. Another is the point of view of the victim's relatives and the institutional management of the case. Finally, a third is the responsibilities outlined in the previous one, which explains the judicial course of the accident. The chronological and thematic order are superposed in a natural progression, and it works" - Jose A. Cano (Cine con Ñ)


The director of the series, Alberto Puerta, worked consciously on the testimonies of survivors and family members that form the backbone of the story" - Héctor Llanos Martínez (El País)

El Destino, 'Nadie va a pagar por los míos' and 'Poderoso caballero' have impressed the platform's users, who value the effort and research put into this documentary series, directed by Alberto Puerta, written by Jorge Bartolomé, under the production of Secuoya Studios' Unscripted area.

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