Xuan Lan: wellness expert and star of 'Reset'

The new documentary series produced by Secuoya Studios' Unscripted area accompanies viewers on a journey of spirituality.

Tranquility, chakras, mantra, connection... All these terms are linked to yoga, a discipline increasingly practiced and recommended by wellness professionals. The teacher and expert Xuan Lan has become the most famous face in the yoga world in Spain and Latin America. And now she is also the protagonist of 'Reset,' a docuseries produced by the Unscripted area of Secuoya Studios.

Of Vietnamese and French origins, Xuan Lan has become one of the international names in the yoga world. Her videos, notoriety on social networks, and television appearances have made her an influencer of the yoga world and one of its most recognized teachers in the country.

Xuan Lan Yoga brings the discipline closer to society with XLY Studio, a yoga and meditation platform founded to create a healthy routine and habit in those who want to implement it in their daily lives, simply and naturally. In addition, she has two books on the market: 'My Yoga Diary,' a guide to incorporating discipline into the routine, and 'Yoga for my well-being,' focused on habits, meditation, and nutrition.

Her latest project has the seal of Secuoya Studios. The star of the docuseries 'Reset,' she is part of the team as content director for the production of the three episodes that have just wrapped filming and are currently in post-production.

Reset', a spiritual journey.

Xual Lan Yoga guides enthusiasts of this discipline (and anyone who wishes to become one) through three of the most famous spiritual retreats in the world: Ulpotha (Sri Lanka), Shambalanté (Mexico), and Es Racó d'Artá (Spain). A physical and mental health journey through experiences led by their leaders, invitees, and guests. An experience that promises to make viewers fall in love and discover an unknown universe, albeit one that is becoming increasingly popular in society.

The documentary series 'Reset' consists of three episodes produced by Fausto Bastida ('Proximity'), directed by Daniel San Román and written by Laura Ferrero. It also features Alfredo Pérez de Albéniz ('Race In'), Sergio Lizarraga ('La caza: nada es lo que parece') and Guillermo Ríos ('13 Días') in the executive production.

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