‘Españoles en el mundo’ returns with a trip to Paradise

La 1 premieres the new season of the travel program, produced by Secuoya Studios' Unscripted area, featuring Sao Tome and Principe.

'Españoles en el mundo' returns with the new shows of its eighth season. Once again, viewers can enjoy the culture, landscapes, monuments, and adventures of travelers, digital nomads, and families who decided to live outside of Spain at some point. Available every Monday, late at night, on La 1 and RTVE Play.

The program team will pack their bags to visit Sao Tome and Principe, an archipelago 300 kilometers from the African continent in the Gulf of Guinea. The program produced by RTVE in collaboration with Secuoya Studios will fly with the reporter Gorka Vallejo to the world's most paradise-like, wild, and cocoa-producing country.

This second visit to 'Españoles en el Mundo’ will start in Santo Tomé with Juan José Rodríguez, a native of Madrid who coordinates projects in a company that collects and produces vanilla. Gorka Vallejo will visit the Agua Grande district in a small-town neighborhood. The host will show viewers what daily life is like in this African country, the houses in the area, and the wages earned by its citizens. In addition, they will tour the city center and Playa Gobernador, known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Nature is one of the wonders of Isla de Principe, where more than half of the area is classified as protected. Laura Aragon, a BirdLife volunteer based in Santo Antonio, will show the Natural Park of Principe, the Church of Our Lady of the Conception, and the secrets of traditional medicine.

The luxuries offered by the island will feature Paco Calvache, general manager of an important hotel in the country. With him, the TVE traveler space will visit three of its beaches: Playa Sundy, Playa Boi, and one of the most idyllic for snorkeling, Playa Banana.

The secrets of chocolate

Cocoa is one of the main economic generators of Sao Tome and Principe. During the next stop, Agnès Pérez, an entrepreneur in the tourism sector, will show the virgin and exuberant landscapes offered by this unknown spot on the map, as well as the secrets of chocolate and some of the typical plants: micocó and the yaca tree.

The last stop of the program will feature Miguel Martín and his wife Esther, a businessman and marine biologist, respectively. The couple will show viewers the inside of São Tomé and Príncipe's Olympic Stadium, the 12 July Stadium, named after the country's independence commemoration day. In addition, they will taste the exquisite dishes of the Portuguese celebrity chef Joäo Carlos Silva. They will also visit Pico Cäo Grande, experience the turtle nesting season, and Rolas Island, the world's center.

Five new countries and thousands of kilometers

The new episode of 'Españoles en el mundo'  will cover more than 50,000 kilometers. It is a journey through the lives and testimonies of Spaniards of all ages, professions, and social levels who live their most experiences outside Spanish borders.

With the help of exceptional hosts with exciting adventures, the La 1 program will get to know their chosen countries' historical, natural, gastronomic, and cultural riches.
This time, 'Españoles en el mundo' broke its record. The team adds five new countries to its list of destinations, with locations as diverse as Georgia, Idaho, Moldova, Alabama, and Liechtenstein. Dream places that join Costa Rica, Croatia, London, Naples, Porto, Sao Tome and Principe, Paraguay, and Senegal in this new stage.

‘Españoles en el Mundo,' in which reporters Antonio Montero, Gorka Vallejo, Eva Rojas, and Laura Martí return, celebrated fourteen years of broadcasting last February, confirming itself as one of TVE's most veteran programs since it began in 2009. More than a decade, the program has a list of more than 160 countries and 1,000 cities visited.

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