Mabel Lozano: "Secuoya Studios is bold enough to make PornoXploitation."

Goya award winner and an activist against women trafficking, this documentary series by Lozano with Secuoya Studios exposes the reality of the porn industry.

Pornography as a concept sounds more intense than simply saying "porn." Mabel Lozano explains that she doesn't like the shortened word; she prefers to use the complete word: "I always try to say pornography because porn sounds very mild. Pornography is a dark and dubious concept that has always existed, but it has never been as serious as it is nowadays". The documentary series 'PornoXploitation,' produced by Secuoya Studios and directed by Mabel Lozano, tells the truth about this exploitative and oppressive industry. Three chapters are already available on the free platform RTVE Play.

PornoXploitation results from a work of the filmmaker's namesake that she wrote with inspector Pablo J. Conellie. A book written after decades of research to create critical thinking in society about pornography: "When we wrote it, we were not thinking of making a series, but the content reaches much more, especially young people, and Secuoya Studios dared to do it," confesses the director. Young people with increasingly more significant and easier accessibility to this type of content: "12-13-year-olds are discovering their sexuality, and artificial intelligence itself redirects you to these pages; it is pornography that is finding young people".

The other side of the coinThe docuseries analyzes the beginnings of exploitation as an enticing and easy lure: "Pornography makes an exciting market offer: you will make much money from home, with your computer and without the need for additional equipment," recognizes Lozano, who confirms the increase of webcam models during the pandemic: "Where does the exploitation begin? For example, when the girl sends a first video that she will not be able to retrieve again". The story narrates the difficulty of getting out of this world utilizing grooming concepts -abuse and online harassment of minors- and the demonstration of numerous claims.

Pornography has always existed but has never been as hard as today."

"Pornography is me without you, and that is not sexuality. Sexuality is we or us, something transversal to the human being. It belongs to two, and pornography is not". During the episodes, the director addresses the different roles between men and women in the industry, where men denounce labor precariousness, and women denounce extortion, manipulation, and abuse. The director addresses this through testimonies of the victims, the psychological expert Alejandro Villena, and the participation of Laura Rozalén and Clara Chaín, who portray the experiences of two women, victims of the industry.

The rich narrative that makes up 'PornoXploitation' is one of the strengths of this documentary series that mixes narration, testimonies, and illustration. "I am not Halyna; I am Clara Chaín, Halyna could not do this because it would cost her her life," these words begin to give voice to the protagonists of the story, young women who have not been able to show their faces due to the threats they still suffer and for which they have had to rely on acting. "We have broken the quarter wall, a very narrative theatrical way of telling the story," says the director.

They also feature the illustrations of Diego Ingold to show the most sensitive parts. "It's a series with very fresh narrative tools, different... Everything is backed up by great experts, thanks to the resources Secuoya Studios gave me."

‘PornoXploitation' also talks about limits. A concept that does not exist in porn. One of the episodes explains it in its title: No limits. An episode that warns again about the danger of the industry: "When you start consuming, the escalation goes to more, in fact, many suddenly think: Why am I watching gay porn if I'm straight? Why do I normalize such strong content? And that's what this kind of addiction is all about," says the filmmaker, which can be seen in the docuseries with the narration of former porn user Daniel Rego.

What happens next?

"This documentary series is essential for parents, educators, and youngsters from 14 or 15 years of age. We have called a spade a spade," says Mabel Lozano. A production focused on teaching, developing critical thinking, and the reality of an industry hidden in normalcy.

The director and filmmaker point out the lack of sex education and advocate it as a solution: "A bridge must be established with young people. It is imperative that, at a certain age, they do not have access to content that will harm their perception of women. They consume content where women are objects and men are subjects, which leads to machismo and misogyny".
Learning is the direction of 'PornoXplotación,' and the one Mabel Lozano has walked through when creating this project: "I have learned many things making the docuseries, I have been thrilled. Secuoya Studios has made it very easy for me, along with a team of people with whom I have paddled in the same direction, reflected in each episode.


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