Meet Alberto Ruiz Rojo, the director of the series 'Montecristo'

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Alberto Ruiz Rojo is one of Spain's most renowned film and television directors, with an outstanding career in directing fiction productions. His latest project, 'Montecristo,' is one of Secuoya Studios' blockbuster productions, which premiered in April of this year with great public approval and media buzz. In this article, we will discover Ruiz Rojo's directing style in this series and his remarkable Spanish cinema and fiction career.

The direction of Alberto Ruiz Rojo in 'Montecristo'

In his latest project, 'Montecristo,' Alberto Ruiz Rojo has carried out a contemporary version of the classic novel by Alexandre Dumas, with an impeccable visual appearance and a format that looks more like a film than a series. The use of aerial shots with helicopters and drones, the intense storytelling, and the creation of spectacular atmospheres have made 'Montecristo' a visually striking work.

Alberto Ruiz Rojo's directing style in 'Montecristo' is characterized by innovation and creativity. The series is presented in film format, and its pace is fast and dynamic, which keeps the viewer on edge at all times. As explained by Ruiz Rojo himself, the series has an exciting plot full of unexpected twists, love, revenge, passion, and great moments of intrigue.

Combining all these elements is attractive and highly addictive for the public and the critics. "My main objective was to transmit in images the continuous dilemma of the protagonist. To do so, we have opted for an elegant aesthetic, always seeking to symbolize his duality through subframes, reflections, and geometric compositions in certain spaces. This expressionism speaks to us of the duality of the protagonist. An art of expressionism that speaks to us of what the characters live and feel".

The director has managed to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere thanks to meticulous photography and an enveloping soundtrack, which immerse the viewer in the plot. If we are looking for a reference in the direction of high-quality audiovisual productions of national and international prestige, Ruiz Rojo's is undoubtedly a winning bet.In one of his interviews, Albero Ruiz Rojo highlighted the project's complexity. Something that does not go unnoticed at all. In the director's words: "It is a series that combines different genres, a very ambitious production that has to do with mystery, suspense, action, and drama, and where the narrative rhythm is fundamental," he also praised the work of the cast of 'Montecristo,' led by the Cuban actor William Levy, whom he described as a "very well-rounded actor who is very dedicated to his work."

Conoce a Alberto Ruiz-Rojo, director de la serie 'Montecristo'

Alberto Ruiz Rojo and his brilliant career in the Spanish fiction industry

Alberto Ruiz Rojo is undoubtedly a reference in film directing, especially Spanish fiction. He has directed series such as: 'Hermanos y Detectives,' 'Apaches,' 'La Templanza,' 'Entrevías' or 'El Cid,' and his latest debut with 'Montecristo places him in a prominent position as a director of fiction productions in Spain.

In his career, Ruiz Rojo has received numerous nominations and awards for his directing work, including a Goya Award, an Emmy nomination, and the Silver Biznaga at the Malaga Film Festival. His directing style is characterized by his elegance, sensitivity, ability to handle dramatic tension, and ability to create atmospheres that capture the viewer.
In addition, Ruiz Rojo has excelled as a director and developed his facet as a screenwriter and producer. He is also the creator and director of the short film "Diez minutos," one of the most awarded short films in the history of Spain, with more than 130 national and international awards. His career is an example of the talent and creativity found in the Spanish film and fiction industry.

Throughout his career, Alberto Ruiz Rojo has established himself as a film and television director with an outstanding job in Spanish fiction. He has been the head of some of the most popular productions in recent years. Montecristo' is his latest project, which has left its mark. A Secuoya Studios mega-production that has dazzled audiences with a good dose of romance, luxury, drama, passion, and adventure.

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