'Isaac and Nora', the documentary series’ A journey to the heart of Latin folk music and rhythms’

#Isaac y Nora

If there is something Secuoya Studios is known for, it’s being the pioneer in the production of entertainment content. 'Isaac and Nora', is one example of it. The French siblings who star in this documentary have become much more than a viral sensation that took YouTube by storm.

The docuseries 'Isaac and Nora': Discover their story through its protagonists.

The production takes place throughout four 50-minute episodes with the same spontaneity when the family first started recording their clips for the best video sharing platform which is ‘Youtube’. At first, their mother had the simplest equipment: a smartphone. Without post-production or editing, the success of Isaac and Nora's musical rendition is due especially to the authenticity and sweetness of the singing siblings. These are the qualities that have given Latin folk classics a new meaning, updated and transcended the frontiers of the internet.

 An international tour

The four-chapter docuseries takes us along the journey of the entire family (Nicholas, Catherine, Isaac and Nora) and the management label that put its trust on them, Madame Vodevil, on their first international tour. A show that invites us to travel with them to different countries like Mexico, Peru, Chile, Spain and Colombia. To date, with the docuseries 'Isaac and Nora' already filmed, we learn that all the concerts were sold out and the media made a great coverage of the tour.

The relevance and depth of 'Isaac and Nora' is also felt from the musicians and artists from different countries with whom they share the stage, at each and every leg of their tour. Daniel Me Estás Matando, Monsieur Periné and Rozalén are just three of the examples.

 A universal meaning.

This tour goes far beyond music. The two siblings will do more than sing on the stages of the countries whose iconic songs have catapulted them to fame. In fact, much of the four episodes of 'Isaac and Nora' are about their family's personal experiences in each of the countries they visit. In a very realistic metaphor, it is not only the music that crosses borders, but the musicians themselves. Thus, through connection with the people from Colombia, Spain, Chile, Peru or Mexico and through immersion in different cultures, the young French duo managed to live out those experiences and not only from the songs they sang.

 A great technical crew

All this audiovisual experience will come to our screens thanks to the extraordinary work of the technical team with the direction and production of Secuoya Studios. The amazing screenplay by Carlos Langa honors at all times the authenticity of Isaac and Nora. It captures their humble beginnings, from their living room and the original intention of their videos; learning other languages. It is something that Maximiliano González has rigorously taken into account in his directing work. The executive production features Eduardo Escorial, Alfredo Pérez de Albéniz and Guillermo Ríos; while Fausto Bastida is the production director. A team whose experience makes the documentary series 'Isaac and Nora' not only a testimony of great cinematography but also showing the importance of human value.

Isaac and Nora' is, without a doubt, a musical journey that transcends the boundaries of music. Highlighting the story of the duo siblings that won the hearts of many across the world.

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