Film routes in Spain: a cinema tour in movie sets

Spain is a country that offers a wide range of film routes. Over the years, this nation has been the backdrop for many series and films. From the classics of Spanish cinema to the most recent international hits, many of the productions have chosen iconic and dramatic locations of the Spanish landscape to shoot their scenes.

This time we invite you to visit some of the locations where several of Secuoya Studios' productions have come to life. Ready for this cinematic journey? Join us and visit some spots in different cities such as Madrid, Canary Islands and Malaga and re-experience the stories you have enjoyed on the big screen.

Film Routes: Locations of movies filmed in Spain

Madrid, the Canary Islands, Malaga and other locations in the country have been host to well-known film productions. A number of national and international film shoots have been filmed in Spain.

Secuoya Studios is one of the leading production companies specializing in local filming. Most of their films were shot locally, making them tourist destinations that you will want to visit.

Rodajes internacionales

Madrid, the monarch of audiovisual tourism

If there is a Spanish city that would be movie-like, that will be Madrid. The Spanish capital has been the venue for the filming of many productions. Secuoya Studios chose Madrid as the location for some of its most successful films, such as 'El mejor verano de mi vida', 'Con quién viajas', 'Hasta que la boda nos separe', 'Mamá o papá' and 'Super Agente Makey'. Some of the episodes of the series 'Supernormal' was also filmed in the capital.

Rodajes en Madrid

Should you decide to tour the city of Madrid, you can visit some of the most iconic filming locations of these productions. Some of these areas are Retiro Park, Plaza Mayor, Malasaña neighborhood and Palacio de Cibeles.

The Canary Islands, the island of Spanish cinema

The Canary Islands is one of the most popular locations for filming in Spain. Its spectacular landscapes and exceptional climate are the reason why many Spanish filmmakers have chosen the Canary Islands as a perfect site for their films. Secuoya Studios has shot several of its productions on the island, including 'La piel en llamas', 'El mejor verano de mi vida', 'Hasta que la boda nos separe' and the series 'Campamento Newton'. Likewise, 'Montecristo', the newly released co-production of Secuoya Studios with Álamo Producciones and A Contracorriente Films, has also been partially filmed in the Canary Islands. The list continues with 'Zorro', a production that will be available on Prime Video and was filmed entirely in Gran Canaria.

Rodaje en Canarias

If you decide to make the Canary Islands one of your film routes, don't miss the opportunity to visit some of the most prominent locations of these productions. Among them are the Teide National Park, the dunes of Maspalomas and Papagayo beach.

Malaga, a movie set full of films

The province of Malaga has been the home of a good number of movies and series, including Secuoya Studios' 'Super Agent Makey', which was filmed in Estepona. If you decide to visit the town you will be able to visit some of the most iconic places of this movie.

In addition, Malaga not only stands out for being a great film set, but also for hosting one of the most important festivals in Spain and in Europe, the Malaga Film Festival. This event brings together filmmakers, actors and film lovers from all over the world. The city becomes the heart of the seventh art for a few days.

On the other hand, the city of Malaga has the Cinema Museum, which houses an impressive collection of cinema memorabilia and offers the opportunity to learn about the history of Spanish and international films.

Indeed, Spain is a country of movies because of the great variety of cinema routes it has to offer. Cities like Madrid, the Canary Islands and Malaga are home to the sets of some of Secuoya Studios' most renowned productions and ideal for film tourism lovers.

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