Sergio Pizzolante to lead secuoya studios’ new distribution company

Secuoya Studios Commercial & Distribution will market all Secuoya divisions’ film and TV projects, formats and IPs on an international scale.

 Secuoya Studios has cemented its corporate structure by forming a new company to market and distribute content created by the Secuoya Group and CTMOBS, to be headed by Sergio Pizzolante.  As a renowned executive producer and former executive vice president of E! Networks Latin America & Brazil and vice president and CEO of Sony Pictures Networks Latin America & Brazil, Sergio will lead Secuoya Studios Commercial & Distribution, the Group’s new commercial arm that will market the film and TV projects produced by all the studio's divisions. The aim is to achieve integration of Secuoya Studios in all phases of film and TV content, from creation, production and post-production to domestic and international distribution, including services to production and structuring and managing tax incentives so as to compete at the highest level with a powerful value proposition in a constantly evolving market.

Secuoya Studios’ new company, where Sergio Pizzolante will serve as president and also hold a minority equity stake, will be headquartered in Miami, with staff and operations offices in Mexico, Madrid and Los Angeles. The firm is also expected to expand internationally, undertaking direct operations in major European markets. The business plan and ongoing operations will be coordinated with the studio’s central management in Madrid and with James Costos, the president of Secuoya Studios.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Sergio Pizzolante, as head of Secuoya Studios Commercial & Distributionwith his vast experience, there is no one better qualified to be responsible for delivering our unique storytelling to the global market. Over the past several years we have committed ourselves to building a corporate leadership team comprised of the best in class business affairs and financial executives, a professional studio services team and we have invested heavily in our talented creative and development teams across unscripted, fiction and features. Now, at this time, with the rapid growth of our exciting slate of projects, the incorporation of Sergio is the realization of a critical milestone within the evolution of Secuoya Studios”, said the president of Secuoya Studios, James Costos.

Secuoya Studios' new distribution company will be a key support of the studio's strategic pillars:

  • Build an excellent pre-sales capability to license international distribution windows and thus pre-finance own-IP productions.
  • Maximize returns on all Secuoya Studios' IPs through subsequent international sales.
  • Bolster Secuoya Studios as a focus for attracting new global IPs.

Pizzolante’s entry into Secuoya Studios' corporate structure as an executive VP will also add value when acquiring and developing new content to be undertaken by the studio. His extensive background in the U.S. and Latin American film and TV markets will create key synergies and lead to major transactions with international clients.

"Joining forces with Secuoya Studios is an achievement for me in every way. We share a spirit of creating outstanding content, primarily in Spanish, for audiences around the world. The excellent quality standards of Secuoya Studios, its powerful portfolio of products and services, its operational capabilities, Madrid Content City and the whole team, coupled with the support of Raúl Berdonés, Pablo Jimeno and James Costos, will enable me to ramp up the identification, development, production and distribution of series, films, documentaries and premium formats. I will also be able to further open the door for A+ talent to take part in projects on a global scale," said the president of Secuoya Studios Commercial & Distribution.

From 1997 to 2015, Pizzolante held positions at HBO Latin America Group, OLE Communications and Sony Pictures Networks Latin America & Brazil. In 2016, the executive struck out on his own and formed CTMOBS, a studio that connects content, talent, IP and strategic partners to develop, produce and distribute IPs with Latin DNA and global ambition. He executive produced the series Nicky Jam: El Ganador, the documentary Maluma: Lo que era, lo que soy, lo que seré and the series Zorro. Development partners have included PantaYa, EndemolShine Boomdog, Jessy Terrero, La Industria Inc, Sony Music US Latin, NSQ-Studios, Andy Kaplan and Secuoya Studios. CTMOBS also has consulting clients, such as OLE Communications.

Investment in content by the eight major platforms in the market will continue to grow as in the past five years and is expected to exceed $100 billion in the United States. This strong demand for premium content can be extrapolated to other markets around the world. The Spanish-speaking audience is one of the most attractive, with more than 600 million potential customers. The incorporation of the commercial and distribution division to Secuoya Studios strengthens the business model and the offered range of audiovisual services.

The studio is currently working on the development of numerous new properties. The unscripted team is currently working on several documentaries, such as La Moncloa, directed by Curro Sánchez Varela, and new entertainment formats, based on a local premise but with a global spirit so as to make the international leap via platforms. The fiction area is developing major IPs such as Zorro and Montecristo, and distinctive alternative TV stories such as La Isla, School of Americas and Los 39, among others. In addition, the studio is making a major commitment to film projects in partnership with Álamo Producciones Audiovisuales (El Test, La piel en llamas, Héroes de barrio, Todos lo hacen), thus building a powerful portfolio that will be marketed and distributed internationally by the new Secuoya Studios unit.

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