The Future of Our Climate Returns to the Screen with the Second Season of ‘El Cambio’

Presenter Eider Hurtado takes the reins for the new episodes of this series (espacio?) co-produced by Secuoya Studios and Grupo Proyección

The second season of ‘El Cambio’, the show produced by Secuoya Studios in collaboration with Grupo Proyección, comes to ETB2 on Friday, 13th January. The new episodes not only include how ordinary people today are improving the environment, but also focuses on experts and celebrities roaming the streets of the Basque Country in search of solutions that can help save our planet.

Furthermore, among the many novelties of this second instalment, is the incorporation of the host Eider Hurtado, who joins the team in revealing what the Basque Country will be like in the future, in view of the state of the climate today.

Water, waste, hyperconsumerism, the carbon footprint, food and what life would be like living exclusively on Basque products, under the motto ‘Made in Euskadi’, are the themes covered by this new round of episodes.

Experts and Familiar Faces

As a new feature, ‘El Cambio’ will incorporate well-known faces in each of its episodes. Celebrities will be interviewed to find out what contributions they make in each of the themes addressed by the programme, from water use to the analysis of carbon footprints and soaring consumerism.

‘El Cambio’ segunda temporada

The 2021 European Surfing champion, Leticia Canales, will be one of the stars, along with the Goya award-winning actor, Urko Olazabal, who declares war on obsolescence by trying to fix a washing machine. The chef Javi Rivero, from the renowned restaurant Ama de Tolosa, will put his Basque diners’ palettes to the test with local products and presenter Adela Úcar will find out how much her household consumes, when she’s not at home. In addition, actor Mitxel Santamarina will analyse the carbon footprint of the products in his shopping basket, while actress Susana Soleto will survive on local products alone.

The show retains the presence of the roundtable, where six Basque experts, who change depending on each programme, help to inform viewers regarding the reality our planet is facing. Among them are: Adolfo Uriarte, head of climate change for the Basque government; Lorea Flores, doctor in Fluvial Ecology from Greenpeace; Antonio Aiz, director general of URA; Janire Bijueska, head of the CABB presidential cabinet; Xabier Marrero, environmental and energy transition consultant; Jorge García del Arco, entrepreneur and founder of AQUADAT; Zigor Urkiaga, strategic project director of the Basque government; Ana Rebate, waste management specialist for IHOBE; Alexander López, researcher into waste treatment at UPV/EHU and Ángel Luengos, expert in waste management.

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