Analyzing the details of the trailer of 'Montecristo' with William Levy


Just after its premiere in Latam and the US and a few days before its debut on Movistar Plus+, we examine the trailer of 'Montecristo', the most awaited series starring Cuban actor William Levy on ViX+. Produced by Secuoya Studios and directed by Alberto Ruiz-Rojo, Lidia Fraga and Jacobo Díaz, this adaptation of the classic by Alexandre Dumas is one of this year's most anticipated productions.

This is the trailer for 'Montecristo', William Levy's next premiere

Overall, the trailer of 'Montecristo' shows us a sophisticated shot in a setting that veers between luxury, mystery and revenge. A scenario where we can see the transition of the protagonist, Edmundo Dantés, to Alejandro Montecristo, his liberation from prison with a new identity and fortune, as well as his thirst for revenge and justice.

Opening the trailer for 'Montecristo', we find Edmundo in Madrid, with his back turned, hands in his pockets and illuminated with a shot that shows his expertise of the scene. His voice is deep and melancholic, while at the same time concealing darker feelings.

After the introduction of the protagonist, a brief interlude takes us to a Cuban beach where two young people laugh and play in the beach. One of them, the sophisticated and cold Helena Vilaforte  and Fernando Mondego, with his smug half-smile. We also see Cristóbal Herrera, strolling carefree around a mansion. These are some of the other characters that are featured in the teaser.

Afterwards, we see Edmundo again and witness the injustices he suffered and another scene showing us the trial where unfairness and frustrations are inevitable.

We see how Edmundo, still young and gullible, is beaten and dragged to the filthiest of garrisons, as an anonymous voice reveals the key point on which the whole plot will pivot: there has been a betrayal.

Edmundo Dantés evolving to an Alexandre Monte Cristo with a thirst for vengeance.

From then on, Edmundo disappears and Montecristo appears, a mature and mysterious man who hides his motive behind a pair of dark spectacles. He no longer trusts justice. He knows that if he wants to regain what is rightfully his, and put his enemies in their place, he must get his hands dirty.

In the first images of the show, the characters of 'Montecristo' divulge in human strength such as personal development, the ability to cope with pain and the control for revenge. A unique story that you definitely can't miss.

The character' duality, their motives and objectives are reflected in the following scenes from the trailer of 'Montecristo'. We witness how Madrid becomes not only the game field of an economic war, but also a psychological one. Sex, passion, violence and action foreshadow a series packed with emotions.

With William Levy and an outstanding cast

The plot of 'Montecristo' is based on the story of the Count of Montecristo, who is the protagonist of one of the most famous novels by Alexandre Dumas. William Levy plays Alejando Montecristo and Edmundo Dantés, two characters who seek justice and revenge. In his performance, Levy once again demonstrates his remarkable talent and versatility.

The cast is also noteworthy with the presence of Roberto Enriquez as Fernando Alvarez Mondego, the main antagonist of the series 'Montecristo'. His participation becomes the perfect piece to captivate and connect with lovers of drama and intrigue.

In addition, the show has a top-notch executive crew, including directors Alberto Ruiz-Rojo, Lidia Fraga and Jacobo Díaz, and production company Secuoya Studios. All of them have worked together to achieve an adaptation of Alexander Dumas' classic that respects its universal relevance while adapting it to the present times ensuring exceptional quality in every sequence.

William Levy en Montecristo

Expectations for 'Montecristo' premiere

The new 'Montecristo' series on ViX+ is generating great expectation among series lovers and William Levy's fans. Secuoya Studios' production has taken care of every detail to offer an adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' work without omitting the essence of this literary classic. Alejandro Montecristo's thirst for justice and revenge promises to hook viewers from the very first moment.

There is no doubt that the 'Montecristo' series promises to be one of the most important premieres of this year. The adaptation of this best seller by Alexandre Dumas is a unique opportunity to enjoy a tale of revenge and passion; a plot that has remained relevant for decades.

In short, 'Montecristo' is the series that comes to satisfy lovers of classic literature and high quality television drama. The stylish visuals, fast-paced plot and its exceptional cast are the pillars that make this production one of the most promising of 2023.

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