The Most Alluring Winter Destinations of 'Españoles en el mundo'

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We all know everyone loves to travel in the summer, but the colder months of the year offer attractive possibilities that should not be overlooked. In fact, the winter destinations of 'Españoles en el mundo', an old classic on TVE in collaboration with the Unscripted division of Secuoya Studios, shows us the Christmas cheer and zest that we sometimes forget. Snow-covered landscapes, Christmas markets filled with lights and gifts, seasonal cuisine, winter sports... That’s what you can enjoy in the seven charming destinations that 'Españoles en el mundo' brings you this winter.

The Most Alluring Winter Destinations of 'Españoles en el mundo'

All the winter destinations in 'Españoles en el mundo' are wonderful throughout the whole year. A visit in any season won’t be a disappointment, but the cold weather turns these places into picture postcards. These are the seven most delightful Christmas spots in 'Españoles en el mundo'.

The Swiss Alps

When we envisage holidays in the snow, the first thing that comes to mind are hillsides covered in a white blanket set in a snowy, mountainous landscape and coloured in a stunning blend of blues, whites and silvers. If we add a scattering of quaint chalets and fairytale villages, our picture of the Swiss Alps is complete. Grindelwald is one of the most popular ski resorts, but you can’t miss St. Moritz either, a classic in the region and two-time host to the Winter Olympic Games.

Españoles por el mundo Suiza

Harbin and Peking

Christmas may be associated with a particular religion, which may not be widely followed in China, but for this precise reason, the second winter destination of 'Españoles en el mundo' is sure to surprise and dazzle you in equal measure.

Españoles en el mundo en Pekín

The Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Harbin is the city’s most visited monument. Unless that is if you happen to be travelling in January, during its Ice and Snow Festival. At 20 degrees below zero, the buildings you’ll see will literally take your breath away.

January is also when the Chinese New Year is celebrated, so it makes for the perfect time to visit Peking and sample a Tanghulu or two: skewers of caramelized fruit typically eaten in winter and irresistible to little fingers.

Harbín y Pekín


Lapland could not be left off the list of the winter destinations of 'Españoles en el mundo'. After all, this region of Finland is home to the village of Father Christmas. And, if we’re talking about frozen landscapes, crossing the Arctic Circle has to be a must during these months, especially for hunters of the northern lights, which illuminate Lapland’s skies at precisely this time of year.


The French-speaking capital of Canada and the oldest city north of Mexico becomes a little known but stunningly beautiful winter landscape. The whole of the winter is wonderful in Quebec, but if you travel there in February you can go to the city’s Carnival, with its snow sculptures, sleigh riding and streets you can ice skate down.

If you’d like to explore outside of the city, just 13 km away is the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency, where a magnificent waterfall, higher than Niagara falls, is nestled in a spectacular setting.


While Ottawa may not be an obvious choice for a holiday destination, Canada’s capital city offers visitors the chance to skate on the world’s biggest ice-skating rink. Or you could enjoy a Nordic spa, in Gatineau Park (the Nordik Spa-Nature, the biggest in North America) and where you can also try your hand at skiing in the Camp Fortune ski resort.

You can’t leave the city without visiting Westboro Village, a lively neighbourhood transformed into a fanfare of lights and decorations for the Christmas period.

New York

Movies have made New York a Christmas destination par excellence. The city lights are simply magical and that is what makes this one of the stars of the winter destinations of 'Españoles en el mundo'. Don’t miss the decorations of the Rockefeller Center and, just opposite, the Saks building. Fifth Avenue is dressed up to party and there’s no need to go shopping to enjoy this spectacle.


Alaska is home to the United States’ highest peak, Mount Denali, and, in the winter, offers a wide range of outdoor activities: from snowboarding to sleigh rides. If you want to see the northern lights from a different viewpoint, Alaska is a great option. And if you’re a fan of roasted chestnuts, they cook them here on open fires. But it is cold, so make sure you come prepared!

So now you have the list of the winter destinations of 'Españoles en el mundo', you just need to choose the trip that sounds most appealing: Sports or warming food? Monuments or nature? Whatever your choice, wrap up and enjoy the winter in these wonderful destinations from all around the world.

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