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If you are an avid fan of 'Españoles en el Mundo', you have surely wondered about the people behind the cameras who have taken us to the most spectacular corners of the planet.

In this article, we introduce you to the reporters of 'Españoles en el Mundo' who are taking us on a trip through the small screen. Antonio Montero, Eva Rojas, Gorka Vallejo and Laura Martí. Let's meet these four professionals who accumulate a good amount of miles on their journey.

Antonio Montero, the voice of experience

Antonio Montero is one of the veteran reporters of 'Españoles en el Mundo'. With more than 20 years of experience in the world of journalism, he has traveled five continents and worked in all kinds of television formats both in front of and behind the cameras.

When asked what he prefers to hear from Spanish people who live all over the world, he answers that he prefers them to narrate their day to day life as it appears more authentic to him.


Antonio, Españoles por el mundo

The program researches for different locations that take the attention of the public so they may want to visit them. In his career as a reporter around the world, Montero has recorded programs in places as impressive as the Islands of Tahiti, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia on the Atlantic coast of Canada, and in the archipelago of Cape Verde where he has filmed some of his travel experiences.

He is also generous when he talks about how the reporters of 'Españoles en el Mundo' work. He explains that when he works as a reporter, together with a cameraman and an editor, they have a very limited time frame of only six days to record everything they need. Practically, they dedicate a whole day to each selected location.

In addition, they always have a minimum margin in case of bad weather or setbacks during their travels. Antonio prefers to record about 15 hours of footage and produce all the information in one hour, which is what is finally broadcasted. He also added that he is from the 'Andalucía Directo' school.

Eva Rojas, from radio teacher to adventurer

Eva Rojas is a Spanish journalist and reporter with a television career as diverse and as exciting. In parallel to her regular roles in various television and radio stations, she has worked as a reporter in television programs such as 'Españoles en el mundo' and 'Viajeros Cuatro'. She also presented a reality show on Mediaset's 'Boing'. In addition, she has covered several shoots of international series broadcasted on AXN Spain in countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Canada.


Eva, Españoles por el mundo

We can trace the first step in Eva Rojas' television career in Movistar Plus' NSP, where she hosted for more than two years several entertainment and a live cultural news programs. She has also worked as a local political journalist in Onda Cero and has been a radio instructor in different schools in the community of Madrid.

Eva has also traveled to some of the most impressive places in the world in her role as a reporter. She has visited destinations such as the Loire Valley, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Naples.

With her passion for journalism and her love for travel, Eva Rojas continues to share stories from around the world with her audience. Her career in television is expected to be as interesting and exciting as it has been so far.

Gorka Vallejo, the bold traveler in front and behind the cameras

Among the most beloved reporters of 'Españoles en el Mundo' is Gorka Vallejo, who has worked in various channels such as EITB, Telemadrid or Televisión Española. In 'Españoles en el Mundo', he has featured countries like China, Romania and Mexico and is always looking for the most interesting and unique stories.


Gorka reportero

His Instagram account is full of stories from his travels that do not always appear in his programs. An infinite source of inspiration for any traveler.

Laura Martí, the most special vision of the reporters of 'Españoles en el Mundo'.

Laura Martí describes herself as a journalist with a passion for stories told with the power of audiovisuals. What she enjoys most is searching for authenticities, living them, recording them and shaping them for television or radio. She is an expert in voice-over and feels comfortable in front of the cameras, something she shares with all the reporters of 'Españoles en el Mundo'.

She describes herself as a restless person, with the ability to adapt to different work formats and always looking for new challenges. Her passion for journalism drives her to keep growing and learning in each of her destinations.


Laura Españoles por el mundo

With 'Españoles en el Mundo' she has visited and brought us to places like Rome and Ghana with both trips happening during the pandemic. Did you know that up since 2017 she has her own travel blog adventuring the world?

The reporters of 'Españoles en el Mundo' consists of a team as experienced and as passionate about their work. They allow their audiences to travel to the most spectacular and even the undiscovered places on the planet.

Thanks to their work, we can learn about other cultures, different ways of life and somehow broaden our perspective of the world. And the best of all is that  it’s not long until we enjoy new episodes of this program that we love so much. We will surely stay tuned to the next adventures of our adored reporters.

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