‘Invasion’, a New Film from David Martín-Porras, Guillem Clua and Álamo Producciones Audiovisuales

Secuoya Studios’ partner in the development of cinematic projects begins shooting on the island of Tenerife

The director and author of ‘Skin in Flames’, respectively, are reunited, together with Eduardo Campoy, in this epic drama set in a Spain of the future

Starring María Adánez, Fran Berenguer, Sofía Oria, Claudia Salas, Álvaro Rico, Nourdin Batán, Andrés Gertrúdix, Marga Arnau and Carlos Fuentes

Álamo Producciones Audiovisuales, in collaboration with the distributor A Contracorriente Films, has begun shooting ‘Invasion’, the film adaptation of Guillem Clua’s original play, under the direction of David Martín-Porras. This epic drama, in which an ensemble cast tries to overcome unimaginable situations in a Spain of the future colonized by aliens, is the second time the Salamancan director, Catalan playwright and Eduardo Campoy have teamed up following ‘Skin in Flames’, a film that premiered in cinemas in May following its presentation at the Malaga Film Festival.

This science fiction story, to be shot entirely on the island of Tenerife (the Canary Islands) and scheduled for cinema release sometime in 2023, stars María AdánezFran BerenguerSofía OriaClaudia SalasÁlvaro RicoNourdin BatánAndrés GertrúdixMarga Arnau and Carlos Fuentes.

Rodaje película "Invasión"

‘Invasion’, the sixth play from the winner of the 2020 National Drama Literature Award tells three interwoven stories that together form a vision of youth and war in a kaleidoscope that transcends space and time. Its six characters, two prisoners, three resistance soldiers and two rebels, try to overcome the impossible and, on the way, discover that love is the only antidote for a world gone mad.

“This science fiction drama is a metanarrative that portrays the human need to tell our stories, especially the more painful ones, so we can heal our wounds and better understand our past. The three storylines share the same central theme: the only way there can be love or peace in the world is by seeing the enemy as an equal. And that means removing our armour and showing our weaknesses”, explains the film’s director, David Martín-Porras.

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