Secuoya Studios and Caracol TV Close a Deal for the Development of Fiction Projects

The Spanish-language content production studio and the Colombian entertainment and media company join forces in the development, production and financing of TV series.

Secuoya Studios and Caracol TV have signed an agreement to co-develop, co-produce and co-finance fiction projects over the coming year. The alliance, announced in the context of the second edition of Iberseries Platino Industria, will see the teams from both companies working together to create, conceptualize and develop premium Spanish-language series. This framework collaboration deal aims to increase the visibility of original Spanish and Latin American stories. Secuoya Studios and Caracol TV will be joint intellectual property owners (with a 50:50 split) of audiovisual work, hold the distribution rights in their own regions and co-negotiate the international sales of selected productions.

“We’re very happy to announce this alliance with a leading partner in Colombia and the Latin American audiovisual industry. For Secuoya Studios, it’s primordial to generate synergies with the most established companies in Latin America and the US and Caracol TV is a powerful partner positioned in the international market thanks to the success of countless titles. We’re completely confident that this framework deal will have a positive impact on the Spanish and Latin American audiovisual industry and be the first in a long collaborative relationship”, asserts James Costos, president of Secuoya Studios.

“Our agreement with Secuoya Studios, a solid partner of great creative breadth, strengthens the steps we’ve taken in the Spanish market, and the big projects we’re envisaging for next year are drumming up a lot of excitement. Caracol Television is committed to the development of new ways of telling stories which can generate relevant conversations in different regions. We know that, hand in hand with Secuoya, we’ll wow the international market with projects that fulfil this mission and captivate audiences around the world”, affirmed Lisette Osorio, vice-president of International Business for Caracol TV.

A committee composed of Colombian and Spanish creatives will be tasked with analysing projects with a global vision. Those that are selected will pass through to a second conceptualization and development phase for a pilot episode. Once the best stories have been selected, Secuoya Studios and Caracol TV will push forward with the different production phases.

This commitment underscores one of the missions Secuoya Studios set out to accomplish right from the start. The content production company led by James Costos has thus confirmed its responsibility to generate strategic relationships with leading partners from the international industry for the creation, development and distribution of entertainment, fiction and film formats which broaden the existing agreements with TV carriers, platforms and channels.

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