Hernán Zin: "'The docuseries '13 Días' is a tale of unsung heroes"

Through his commitment to portraying reality, Hernan Zin, a war correspondent, has traveled to more than eighty countries to give voice to the victims of war conflicts, poverty, and extreme situations throughout his professional career in its various facets. His latest project, '13 Días', takes the viewers to the rescue of little Julen Roselló. A documentary series IN which he reveals that "you can tell stories without digging open wounds while even trying to heal them." Three episodes, produced by the unscripted area of Secuoya Studios, are available on Netflix from June 1.

It shows the best side of the humane character.”

"It's a tale of unsung heroes," acknowledges Hernán Zin, director of the docuseries. Neighbors, firefighters, miners, as well as hundreds of people in the community, put aside their daily lives to rescue Julen, a two-year-old boy who, during a family outing, accidentally fell down an illegally excavated shaft in the Malaga town of Totalán. It was a tragedy that sparked an outpouring of solidarity, one unheard of in Spain, that lasted for thirteen intense days.

´13 Dias' shows the best side of people. Hernán Zin narrates how dozens of people dedicated their time and money to get the child alive without asking for anything in return. A demonstration of cooperation and selflessness: "When we join forces, putting aside our differences, we bring out the best in ourselves."

Always focusing on the voices of the victim's family, the docuseries includes the testimonies of the little boy's parents, José and Victoria. It is a delicate story that tries to serve as a relief and healing for its protagonists: "My greatest concern is that the testimony they give before the camera serves as a kind of catharsis, relieves them of the weight they carry inside, so it is vital not to reopen or cause more traumas," says the director. Thus, he assures that the boy's parents decided what they wanted to share throughout time: "There were almost no questions asked, only honest and empathetic listening, something that permeates the entire series."

"It was a challenge to get the testimony of people who were very important in the rescue and preferred to remain in the background, such as the miners," says Zin. Thus, '13 Días' has the narration of many of its protagonists, from part of the Brigada de Salvamento Minero to the Mountain Team of the Guardia Civil: "The audience will describe many unknown aspects of this story, of this against-the-clock race to save Julen."

The glimpse of a tragic, painful, but encouraging story. That was Hernán Zin's mission, and that was the result. The team went all out. They believed and gambled without moving an inch from these premises, "something difficult to find in these times when it seems that everything is legitimate," said the filmmaker. "I feel very fortunate and grateful to Secuoya Studios for putting together a 'dream team' of this caliber."

Healing, teaching, and proving that, in the face of adversity, the best in people emerges. 13 Dias' is a tribute to some parents, which its director defines as an example of resilience: "They will be an inspiration for the whole community. I hope it serves as an inspiration".


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