Secuoya Studios, a benchmark in the production of sustainable filming in Spain

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Secuoya Studios' is dedicated to the production of sustainable filming. This has led to significant collaborations with organizations Forever Green Foundation and with Mrs. Greenfilm. This commitment to sustainability in filming and in the formulation of its audiovisual content has become the distinctive asset of the studio. Some of its creations such as 'Héroes de barrio' or 'Race In' are the best examples of this.

Secuoya Studios in the production of sustainable projects

Producing sustainable filming is a key objective for Secuoya Studios. The leading Spanish producer of premium media content is highly aware of the audience's needs in terms of entertainment, but at the same time, it considers the values on which its productions should be built which is promoting a green industry from the media sector.

Secuoya Studios' environmentally friendly commitment is tangible and is reflected in its collaboration with organizations such as Mrs. Greenfilm, which contributed to the development of the Green Book made available to the media industry. In addition, thanks to its sustainable filming protocols, it has achieved the Green Seal verified by TÜD SUD another proof of the studio's clear commitment in sustainability.

This could not be the case if the studio did not rigorously comply with all sustainability requirements during filming. This includes the use of recycled bottles, LED lighting, shared transportation for the crew and 100% renewable energy buildings, are just among many other measures to reduce the carbon footprint of the production equipment.

The production of sustainable filming has become one of the main characteristics and differentiating traits of Secuoya Studios, which goes far beyond the category of the printed phrase as reflected in some of its projects both cinematographic and documentary.

Producción de rodajes sostenibles

Cinema: Films that promote sustainability

One of the films that demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainable filming is 'Héroes de barrio'. This comedy produced by Álamo Producciones Audiovisuales, Secuoya Studios' partner in the development of film projects, has collaborated with the Forever Green Foundation of the Real Betis Balompié soccer team, which shares the same values. Soccer and cinema have joined forces so that its millions of fans can collaborate in the fight for the preservation of the environment.

In fact, 'Héroes de barrio' is an example of sustainable filming production, as it has been filmed according to the premises of the Green Seal of the Academy and is the first film to obtain it. It has achieved this thanks to a catering based on local products, the use of water dispensers instead of bottles and many other audiovisual sustainability and efficiency measures.

'La piel en llamas', a film directed by David Martín Porras and shot in the Canary Islands, has also taken into account the protocols of sustainable filming and production. This has resulted not only in a good film with an important dramatic impact, but also in a reduction of the expected impact on the environment and a significant reduction in costs.

Rodajes sostenibles

Documentaries: other productions with sustainable filming

But it is not only Secuoya's films that show the company's commitment to sustainable filmmaking. Unscripted, Secuoya Studios' documentary production company, is no stranger to the principles and values related to environmental care that drive the company. For this reason, the production protocols for sustainable filming are also applied to its documentaries.

Secuoya's commitment to sustainable audiovisual production is evidenced in two ways. On one hand, with the details of the production of its films, and on the other, through their content. Secuoya's participation in documentary series such as 'Race In' shows that what is portrayed on screen is as important as how it is presented.

'Race In' is a documentary that shows the audience how the motor world faces the same challenges that the rest of the industries face in this XXI century; among them, the gender gap and sustainability, as well as social responsibility. Emphasizing the promotion of sustainability with 'Race In', Secuoya Studios will showcase competitions where the use of electric vehicles is highly encouraged.

El Cambio' is another example of sustainable productions by Secuoya Studios' Unscripted. Hosted by journalist Àngels Barceló in its first season and by Eider Hurtado in the second, brings together six episodes focused on issues related to the environment and sustainability specifically in the future Basque Country. The show addresses climate issues such as the state of sea we will have in the future, the weather forecast in 2050, the forms of energy that will come and the home of tomorrow.

Secuoya Studios does not cease to promote environmental care with its filming and in the content of its audiovisual creations reflecting its firm commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the natural environment.

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