Metaverse in Film: All the Possibilities that the New World Offers

What can the world of cinema and series in the metaverse offer viewers? Secuoya Studios is exploring the possible interactive and aesthetic narratives in the metaverse, the new, apparently limitless and ever-growing medium. To this end, it is developing its own platform and building a virtual world under the premises of the concept of the ‘metaverse in fiction’. Visitors will enjoy content based on the films and series shot at Secuoya Studios. How would you like to horse ride alongside the star of ‘Zorro’ or be part of a high-flying meeting with Patricia Picón (‘Supernormal’)? These are just a couple of examples of the possibilities in the metaverse that will form the Secuoya Nexus, as presented in Iberseries last September.

The Possibilities the Metaverse Offers in Cinema

Ever since the metaverse concept appeared in the media raising great expectations, professionals in the audiovisual sector have been being asked what the future of productions will be. In short, what effect will the metaverse have on cinema. The conclusions have not been long in coming, and some major production companies have understood that they cannot be left behind here. That is why Secuoya Studios has decided to enter the metaverse through the Extended Reality of Secuoya Nexus, captained by David BerdonésCarlos Narbaiza and Moisés Salvador.

With this new paradigm, the potential for the world of cinema and television is set to expand. The ultimate aim of the audiovisual industry is entertainment, and this will be multiplied with the immersion possibilities the metaverse offers, where viewers become the protagonists of adventures experienced first hand, alongside the actors themselves, converted into virtual avatars.

The content possibilities are infinite:  interactive adapted stories, transmedia content, advergaming, expanded making ofs, theme-based museums, art galleries, collectors’ items… You could also have guided tours through famous scenes of your favourite series and films, visit movie sets and even try out the character costumes of your choice.

A Social Universe

Secuoya Studios’ metaverse of fiction is a persistent world that can be visited alone or as a group. At its meeting points, we can meet people with the same interests and tastes as us. Likewise, it will be possible to travel around every corner of its cities and buildings, enjoying narrative experiences and discovering secrets and anecdotes from the audiovisual world.

The representation of characters through avatars opens new possibilities for experimenting with resources, such as the breaking of the fourth wall. For example, visitors might be surprised to notice that, in the virtual presentation of a series, a character avatar is not being animated by AI, but rather in real time by the original actor themselves, with their own voice and movements.

Visitors could also step into the shoes of the characters of films and series from Secuoya Studios, both to experience interactive stories based on productions, and to create their own using the tools, props and costumes available in the virtual studios, where they can create their own machinimas and share them on social media.

Looking to the Future

The entry of a production company like Secuoya Studios in the  metaverse is highly significant. In a not too distant future, viewers could be the stars of their own productions from the metaverse, expanding the possibilities of creation and enjoyments through virtual worlds. The metaverse at Secuoya is not the future, it’s now.

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