The secrets of 'Supernormal T2': Why you shouldn’t miss binge-watching it?

The hit series of Movistar+, in collaboration with Secuoya Studios, returns on January 26


All new episodes of 'Supernormal' are about to kick off on Spanish television. The original series from Movistar+, in partnership with Secuoya Studios, premiers its second season on 26 of January after its massive success in the first season.

Directed by Vincent Villanueva, produced by Eduardo Campoy, and written by Martha sanchez ('Aida', 'Alli Abajo') and Olatz Arroyo ('Allí abajo', 'El mejor verano de mi vida'), 'Supernormal' has earned its spot as the most viewed Spanish comedy series on the streaming platform. A remarkable result that paved the way for the new season's success.

Fresh, fun, with new characters

Starring Miren Ibargu's (Patricia), Diego Martin (Alfonso), Grace Olayo (Marisol) and Barbara Goenaga (Isa), with two additional casts: Alexandra Jiménez, who plays Pitu, a lawyer and a  mother looking for means of survival; and Álex Barahona, who plays the photographer, Rubén. Two new characters that will turn Patricia Picón's life upside down - and more. In addition, this season features the essential roles of Peter Vives (Mauro), Luna Fulgencio (Jimena) and young actors Nico Rossi (Bosco), Pablo and Sergio Moro (Nico), Clara and Natalia (Camila). This season will also feature the special participation of Barrier Light (Laly),Joaquin Reyes (Grand Cantón),Usun Yoon (Imelda), Marion Teres (Gabi) o Cintia Garcia, and more.

Ambitious and unstoppable

From one hundred to zero, and vice versa. The creators of the series, Marta Sánchez and Olatz Arroyo, wanted to put the protagonist to the test by hurling her into the labor world after dedicating herself as a housewife for several years. A twist to the plot of the series, which began its story with Patricia Picón at the peak of her career, and now she must start from scratch being the less privileged in her field.

"We like that each new season is totally different from the previous one, they each have their own color"

Returning to the work field is tough and complicated but Patricia Picon is a risk taker . In this way, the script writers wanted to portray the image of an ambitious and unstoppable woman, ready to do anything to achieve her goal and continue growing professionally in the finance world.

The importance of the protagonist in the story requires Miren Ibarguren's total ease during the shooting: "She appears in practically all the scenes, so it is important for the actress to feel comfortable in Patricia's skin", says the director, Vicente Villanueva.

Supernormal T2 por que no debes perdertela

Closer look at the characters

The press with the characters are once again the main resource for the second season. They have more fame now which allows the viewer to have a closer look at the stars of the show. The creators anticipate the importance of these sequences in the story: "We've used them again to create a contrast between how you live and how you're trying to appear," , they said.

In this way, the team behind the screen have been able to get more from the actors. They have been able, as they point out, "to play more with their roles." In addition, the new episodes manage to capture their closeness without losing focus on their characters; a united family and protagonists who promise to achieve their goal by supporting each other. Far from a typical family on screen drama that changes the dynamics of the plot, the scriptwriters bet on the family union.

Less static, more real

The technical team of 'Supernormal' focused on giving more movement dynamics to the shot coverage. This time, Vicente Villanueva aims to move away from static shots, producing more agile, rhythmic and faster movements, supported by two cameras and a ‘steadicam’. On the other hand, the director utilized a great TV cinematography that made the actors glow more on screen.

"We try to improve all aspects of the first season that help make the series more attractive to the viewers"

Realism is a key element in the second season of the Movistar+ series. A filming where the tone of realistic humor is being established: "It doesn't look like the characters try too hard to be funny, the funny situations happen organically," says the director.

The six new episodes of 'Supernormal T2' will air on Movistar+, on January 26. The perfect show to give amusing entertainment for your whole family!

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