Secuoya Studios and The Core School Create a Master’s in Executive Production

The leading studio in Spanish-language content production and the top Entertainment Science school in Europe co-develop the Master’s in Audiovisual Content Executive Production, to provide expert training for this key figure in the audiovisual industry.

James Costos, president of Secuoya Studios, and Mercedes Agüero, dean of The Core School, have forged an alliance to train professionals capable of rising to the challenges of an audiovisual industry expected to grow by over 30% in the coming years.

Secuoya Studios, a leading producer in the creation, production and distribution of Spanish-language content, and The Core School, Europe’s top Entertainment Science school, have signed a collaboration agreement to create a master’s in Audiovisual Content Executive Production.

Thanks to this partnership, the course is already beginning its first year of the master’s, intended to further students’ knowledge of the audiovisual industry. The aim of this programme is to help students develop leadership and management skills within a sector in need of new professionals. In fact, according to PWC, audiovisual production in Spain will see a 30% increase by 2025.

The signing of this agreement took place in the facilities of The Core, housed within Europe’s biggest audiovisual hub, Madrid Content City, and which also plays host to the operations headquarters of Grupo Secuoya. Attending the event were James Costos, president of Secuoya Studios, Mercedes Agüero, the dean of The Core, and Sonia Cuenca, director of The Core.

“One of the biggest commitments of both Secuoya Studios and Grupo Secuoya, the international communications company the studio forms a part of, is to train the coming generations of audiovisual professionals. Training of this nature is the best tool we have to generate future talent. Learning is a key component of our prosperity, and we have an obligation to educate the industry’s future leaders, in a rapidly growing and transforming sector, generating new professional prospects for the enormous talent that exists within this country. This master’s, developed by Secuoya Studios and The Core School, is proof of a shared responsibility to contribute to the quality teaching of future executive producers, a key figure in audiovisual production in all genres”.

“At The Core School, we blur the boundaries that have always existed between training and the profession. Our aim is to anticipate the industry’s demands and serve as pioneers in offering the training needed in this ever-changing audiovisual sector. International industry and academic learning are thus brought together to drive the development of essential management profiles, preparing future executive producers with the rigour and quality demanded by a university and taught by leading lights in the profession”.

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The Executive Producer as a Key Figure in the Industry

The master’s created by The Core School and Secuoya Studios offers training for a key professional in the audiovisual sector, the executive producer, a figure not only responsible for the financial management and logistics of audiovisual productions, but also one that plays a fundamental role in their creative management.

With the creation of this master’s, the content studio and Entertainment Science school intend to strengthen their commitment and support for Spain’s audiovisual future, developing an eminently practical programme that adapts to the current needs of the industry.

The course will allow students to become creative managers, capable of driving initiatives, managing talent and leaving their professional hallmark on their projects, while also covering the intricacies of executive production, not just for television and fiction, but also for non-conventional formats (like streaming platforms or Twitch).

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