Secuoya Studios y Mediawan Rights se alían en la icónica serie 'Zorro'

Secuoya Studios reaffirms its commitment to an international approach to operations forging a new alliance around its most iconic production, ‘Zorro’a series expected to conquer markets and audiences worldwide. The studio for Spanish-language content for the global market and Mediawan Rights, a leading French communications company and specialist in the distribution and sale of television rights, closed a deal for the international distribution of the iconic IP. The announcement coincides with the shooting of this epic production, led by David Martínez in executive production, together with David Cotarelo and Ángela Agudo, and with Javier Quintas in the director’s chair. This is one of the most ambitious projects ever filmed in Spain.

Secuoya Studios revamps the adventures of the famous masked vigilante, a massive IP that will be exclusively available on Prime Video for the US, Latin American and Spanish markets. Set in Los Angeles in the 1830s, ‘Zorro’ is a modern adaptation of the adventures of one of the biggest heroes of all time, revamped for a new generation.

"Throughout our creative development process for ‘Zorro’, our intention has been to create the best possible story for this world famous superhero, a top quality production to be enjoyed by audiences all around the world. To do this, we could not have asked for a better distribution partner than Mediawan Rights, a fast-growing international company with a proven track record in global distribution and who understands and values the strength of the ‘Zorro’ IP", affirms Sergio Pizzolante, head of Sales and Distribution at Secuoya Studios.

Likewise, Charles Touboul, head of content at Mediawan Rights’ Scripted division, highlighted the immediate and unanimous support of the whole team to the editorial approach to the production. "This is a story that revolves around our iconic hero, which not only respects the franchise’s codes, but also adds elements that today’s global audiences have come to expect: elaborate plots with a contemporary relevance, strong female characters and references to pop culture", underlined Touboul. 

Zorro is a Secuoya Studios production that began shooting last 25 July in Gran Canaria. Directed by Javier Quintas, the 10-episode series will be available on Prime Video in the US, Latin America and Spain. The new version of the masked hero stars Miguel Bernardeau, Renata Notni, Dalia Xiuhcoatl, Emiliano Zurita, Francisco Reyes, Andrés Almeida, Elia Galera, Francisco Reyes, Chacha Huang, Joel Bosqued, Estibalitz Ruiz, Oleg Kricunova, Abraham Jackson and Iván Henríquez, among others.

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